Friday, 7 October 2016

This is 21.

I'm over the moon that I got to celebrate my birthday in advance with my family last night before Sean takes off. The short trips that he makes home mean the world to me.

When one (or two) of my siblings returns, the plus point to it means extra delicious meals on the table.

Home cooked with love! I'm impressed mum made the flat noodles from scratch.

And that Prawn Noodles- OOH, I could swim in that soup.

 Coming back to last night, while we were missing Ken who probably doesn't remember that it's his sister's birthday today but we're equal on this matter because I hadn't wished him on his birthday either lolol I promise we love each other (at least I do), I remain incredibly grateful. 

Whoops Sean wasn't ready.

I wasn't expecting that we'd have a second round of dinner at the airport having eaten a big meal at home but since we had wanted to:

1) give Sean a (short) farewell dinner
2) give Dad a quick fix to his hunger having just landed
3) celebrate my birthday together as a family of 4 (the best we can do without Ken)

... we decided to try out a few dishes.

The grilled chicken breast strips were ridiculously dry we joked that they had them prepared via a food dehydrator. The dressing on the side unfortunately didn't help with the blandness.

Dad went for the mushroom aglio olio spaghetti. It was alarmingly spicy. Mum and I even teared from the copious amount of chopped bird's eyes chili and we couldn't have chugged down water quickly enough.

We couldn't understand what went wrong. You see, the lady taking the order had asked us, "Tak nak spicy ah?" to which we had answered with an affirmative look, "Ya, kami tak boleh tahan pedas, so tak mau spicy please." We were confident that we had gotten our message across by inserting both the Malay and English languages in the event she wasn't able to apprehend either one.

Our watery eyes and burning tongues clearly revealed otherwise.

At least Sean claimed he liked his dishes. That made his sister elated.

Ya win some, ya lose some. 

Had a swirl out of Sean's Fettuccine Carbonara pasta. The way to this guy's heart is apparently anything meaty, cheesy and doughy. Haha, sounds like the way to mine, too, minus the meaty part. :P

These fries were a miss with all of us. Sean still gobbled it up because when you have a speedy metabolism you just don't think twice before shoving food down your throat I guess he had ordered it and felt responsible for at least attempting at finishing it though we did end up taking away some. We didn't wanna risk any stomach upset episodes, especially for Sean who was boarding the plane in less than an hour then. Better safe than sorry.

What happens when you have a mum who finds joy in taking candid pictures of you. Not complaining. Thanks, ma!

My large forehead pimple and uneven skin tone would have been downright obvious without the filter, so girls (and guys), let's bear in mind not fall into the comparison trap based on the curated content on anyone's social networking sites, alright?

9 out of 10 people will probably never notice the features about yourself that you feel most self-conscious about. Love is the best thing we do, and learning to love ourselves is the greatest love of all.

The subpar food made me appreciate home cooked meals even more than ever, so in a way that's great. After all, the company was the highlight of the dinner. Love my family very much! Thanks Papa, Mama and Sean for the early celebration.

We don't get to choose our family, but I'm remarkably contented it's them.

 I'm going to side track a little and update you on how I've been working on my knee.

Physiotherapy sessions- they kill me, it's usually intense and I take them seriously (they're not, like, free, ya know and it's for the benefit of my muscles). 

(Incase you are completely clueless as to what I'm referring to, check out this post.)

Admittedly I've slowed down on my progress a little and I need to pluck up the motivation and keep myself moving.

It's important and absolutely crucial that I make myself attend them. I can come up with all sorts of justifications or excuses, but ultimately, like the Nike motto puts it, I gotta just do it.

So what do I do to strengthen my quadriceps, really? To give you an idea... I squeeze balls. Hahahaha. This position you see above sends my inner thighs ON FIRE. Those are 2.5kg weight on my ankle, my muscles were used to 1.75kg for a long time until my physiotherapist, Rachel, decided I've been too comfortable and decided to take it up a notch just recently. At the end of the set my inner thigh muscles were screaming!!!

Rachel is super sweet and pretty looking. She's only 24 (but I'm not sure if she's single and available hahahahaha what's with the last part)!?!?!

I should totally take a picture with her some day. Together we had a good laugh over her flexibility. On several occasions she has told me that I'm obviously more flexible than she is and I tell her that it's because when I stretch, she can't see me gritting my teeth in pain so that's not exactly reliable- I'm just better at withstanding pain, you see. :P

When the shadows just happen to fall at the right places, know what I mean? 

Also featuring my favourite backpack. I've received many compliments on this bag and it never fails to a draw a huge, silly grin on my face being reminded of my favourite person who has gifted me this on my 20th birthday.

Birthday celebrations have never been wild and elaborated to start with in our household and it gets even more low-key with age. Ya know how some families celebrate birthdays by extension of weeks and months? Yup, here in the Khor household, you'd be lucky if there's even a cupcake hahaha.

I need to emphasize, however, I don't mind the non-existent of birthday celebration plans. Growing up, we used to celebrate special occasions by dining out at restaurants such as Kenny Rogers, TGIF, Italiannies... Which had been a massive deal to us (still is now, actually) considering how rarely we were treated to outside food because my parents are health conscious and they are big advocates of instilling the values of thriftiness and minimalism in us.

One particular year all 5 of us celebrated our respective birthday at TGIF and had our personal experience of being surrounded by the waiters and waitresses gathered around singing out loud their extraordinary version of a birthday song while clapping and dancing and attracting all the attention we didn't need while we huffed and puffed the candles away.

And that's about the biggest it would get. Oh, save for my 15 year old belated birthday party. That was... a unique circumstance.

Today I just feel thrilled that I finally get to celebrate my birthday at home.

Mum, bless her heart, at the wee hours today had asked me if she should bake me a cake and I laughed, declining her kind offer. Baking a cake is simply not my mum's forte hahaha sshhhh.

But legitimately, it's because I already feel so, so blessed. Birthdays in the past have primarily been about me, but I notice that my day thus far has been more focused on carrying on with my daily activities (birthdays or not, physiotherapy and the pile of law books are lining up).

Yet when this day arrives, the messages and well wishes and gifts I receive sure made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

The reality about growing up is having to take on more responsibilities, that means more things/ people will come into contention under the priority list, and that's when choices are made, some relationships drift apart, certain passions fade away, a couple of interests forgone...

Fortunately,  I am reminded of how a group of people who has commitments and tons of workload, actually carved time out to wish me, celebrate my day, prepare gifts for me... While I don't feel deserving of it at all, that made me feel terrifically loved and thought of.

Thank you.

I am immensely gratified to all who has showered me with unconditional care, love and patience, despite my imperfections. Bless you all. :)

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