Sunday, 2 October 2016

Reuniting with best friends from the UK

The sweltering weather seems to be fading away as Autumn slowly creeps in (not that we have pumpkins and fallen orange leaves here in Malaysia), replacing the sun rays are the undesirable gloomy skies and rain.

It's also the season for separation.

Thankfully, before some of my best friends had left to the UK for their final year, I had pounced on the opportunity to see them.

Meet the beautiful inside-out superwoman, Ying! 

Ying's the kind of best friend that I had secretly wished would eventually become my sister-in-law. ;) Looks like that's not gonna happen, though, guys, but I'm still super giddy for her current relationship.


Being the high-flyers and over achievers these two are, Cia Yee and Ying were gracious enough to allocate a few hours on a weekend amidst their internships, society work, and other commitments.

How blessed am I to get to call these two talented individuals my dearest friends. 

Thanks for joining my parents and me for dinner, and for spending your precious Sunday evening with me! 

Our friendship means a great deal to me. 

Keep your friends close and your hand-phones closer, alright? *inside joke* Stay in touch! Best wishes!

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