Saturday, 1 October 2016

Jeanne's 21st Surprise Birthday Party

I'm going to track back all the way to July to share with you about some of the things I've done this Summer that I found meaningful to document on my blog.

July 22nd, the night before my sweet friend, Jeanne was set to depart to the UK, Paris and Amsterdam for a month plus, a bunch of us gathered together to celebrate her big day together with her family.

It was a spontaneous decision to throw Jeanne a surprise party, and I had only managed to join the group about an hour after it had started, because I was out and didn't bring my phone along (I left it charging) so I missed out on the phone calls and notification. Thank goodness I checked it out later and headed over to the venue.

Stunning birthday girl!  

Jeanne's fabulously capable of juggling many responsibilities at the same time and exudes confidence and courage which I veraciously admire. Friends for 9 years and counting, I am pleased I got to be a part of her 21st birthday celebration. She's one of the first friends I made in high school and prefectorial board, and has always been supportive and encouraging of her friends' achievements. She is the strong, independent, responsible young lady who gets things done and you can count on her to plan or organise events. If anyone ever needs to hire someone to be in charge of event management, she's your girl to go to! Haha. Talented, and beautiful inside out. 

Faithful ol' Han Qin holding out the cake while Jeanne huffed and puffed away the candles. 

That grin though! Quit stealing the spotlight, Han Qin! :P


Darling Jeanne turns 21! :D 

Gotta throw in some hugs too!

#professionalcuddler #yesihearditsomewhereontheradio #thereissuchajob #andyougetpaidforit #signmeup

I need you to take notice Aril's diverse expressions throughout the pictures. Man, that guy has a rich display of facial expressions. 

Also varied are Han Qin's hand gestures. These boys. 

The birthday girl, the crew, and Jeanne's super welcoming and cheerful family (+ Wilfred's lovely girlfriend).

I'm always pumped about seeing them! 

We are of such different personalities, yet we mingle with each other so well. Our gatherings often composed of laughter, lameeee jokes, and more laughter. We really do relish in each others' company (one can hope ;) ) and I appreciate our friendship.

I may appear to be outgoing and open (mostly associated to my chatty and talkative nature), and I do to a certain extent. You won't see the blood draining from my face when it comes to approaching people, but to get comfortable and vulnerable with people, that's an entirely different story, yet they make me so at ease and 'myself' when I'm with them. I can reveal some of my deepest fears and most embarrassing stories with them and not feel judged. Something special about these guys... I hope you have people like that in your life, too, and if you do, keep them close. :)

They add an abundance of amusement and mirth to my life, I can't imagine my life without them. :)

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