Friday, 30 September 2016

College classmates reunion.

A peek into my life and you'll know that I'm plain slow to warm up to this cafe-hopping trend that youngsters these days have kick started on long ago.

I barely (by barely I actually mean never) drink coffee, am not huge on cakes... Simply said, I don't find the satisfaction that others do in hopping onto the band wagon. My life revolves around... the Internet, sports, academics, singing (to my shower head), sleeping, and spending lots and lots of time with my parents (<-- not complaining, I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to see them daily).

Anyway, what an interesting life, I know. :P

Lucky for me, I have a couple of friends who would call me out to hunt for 'hipster', 'Instagram-worthy' food at fancy cafes. I would turn up, not necessarily for the food, but because I seriously need to balance out the piling textbooks and case law with a social circle.

It's tricky carving out time to meet up when we each signed up for heaps of commitment. My friends know that a game of sports is the easiest way to lure me out (I'm quite the homely person), but when good food and college mates reunion (!!) are made the themes of the day, that couldn't have been too shabby. :)

On the 16th July, we had wanted to finally visit Burger Lab (yes, I've never had a burger from Burger Lab *cue gasps) but Kaixin who was the first among us to reach discovered it was closed when she arrived there!

We snapped out of disappointment (after all, it's the company that matters most to me!) and cheered up when we quickly agreed on A Pie Thing.

Yong Qi and I enjoyed the savoury pies- I couldn't get enough of the peas! Don't let the size deceive you, they were filling, still, we (merrily) stuffed ourselves silly.

Yu En and Kaixin dug into these sweet pies. 

One being Nutella flavoured, and the other apple crumble. 

It was raining outside and we sneaked into two other cafes/ restaurants to chill and catch up a bit more. 

Yong Qi helped Yu En with the spaghetti bolognese. 

Whilst Yu En herself devoured this meal. Yeah, I envy her metabolism, too.

The 4 of us shared a plate of salad, the sesame seed dressing made the dish.

Dietitians in the making!


Love these girls! 

Sometimes I forget how elated it makes me to hang out with these girls and just reminisce about our college days at Taylor's. That day's gathering reminded me.

The horrendous traffic congestion, the ever-crowded Student Hub, the classes, the lecturers, the gruesome examination duration, the restaurants and cafes we checked out during lunch... I'm gratified to have these girls go through some of the most arduous course of my academic years.

We're now pursuing our undergraduate degree, and looking back, it has been a heck of a whirlwind, but oh, so worth it... Especially when such precious friendships have been formed. These girls had seen me crumble into tears when drilling myself complete Maths questions, were the first few to discover my first proper relationship (eek!), packed their own lunchboxes just to accompany me have lunch (I used to bring lunchboxes to college).

It takes effort and arguably, hard work to maintain a friendship, and I'm grateful that these girls will always count me in for a reunion. Good luck to you all, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. :)

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