Saturday, 9 July 2016

Summer Adventures: Hiking Gasing Hill

26th July, a Sunday, a few of us made plans to hike. We gathered at Han Qin's house, and Jeanne kindly drove us all the way to Bukit Gasing, a small hill located in Petaling Jaya.

Thank you to the nice stranger who helped us take these pictures! We were actually in a hurry because it was the entrance and we didn't want to hold others too long.

It has been a while since I had seen these people and I was chatting non-stop because I had missed them heaps!

After slapping on HQ's mosquito repellent (which apparently wasn't effective for some of us).

Jeanne was slightly nervous about giving us a ride because usually the boys take charge but Jeanne decided to switch things up and it was a journey full of laughter and fun. Well done, Jeanne. Thank you so much!

I love Qi's grin here! 见牙不见眼的标准。 Flashing the teeth for a Colgate ad.


While the girls smiled demurely for the camera... the boys... Erm, I'm not sure I know them.

"But you told us to pose!!!" The boys protested. Oh well...

Love these people!

Thank you for stopping 1938493 times throughout the journey per my request to take a picture.

I had no idea what CS was grinning about and why was my hand mid tapping his upper arm...

Jeanne helped take hold of my phone while I tied my shoelaces. Hence the picture.




You're forgiven to think this looks kinda creepy. 

But I assure you the view along is also kinda splendid. 



When in doubt, hug it out!

It wasn't long before we reached the top.

We're on top of the hill!


A hiker was up there, too, and was friendly and nice to agree to help us take a picture.

I recently fell in love in hiking and I have my dad to thank for. He is an avid hiker and has all the proper equipment when it comes to this exercise. Hiking shoes, hiking stick- off he goes. I, on the other hand... would make sure to bring lots of snacks especially when I am 29387 ft off the ground. Priorities, ya know?

I truly enjoy being close to Mother Nature and hiking is one of my favourite ways to connect and bond with this beautiful creation of God. 

I have not been in my fittest state since... 17 so regaining my strength and fitness was essential for me to tackle difficult hills. I am often left huffing and puffing gasping for air and gritting my teeth through the steep, seemingly never ending steps while the rest of the hikers swish pass me like a gush of wind. Quick, consistent, lean, toned... A stark comparison to the chubby, unfit, pausing every-10-seconds, slow me. But heck... It's all about working with my body, cheering on my progress in regaining strength, and losing weight the healthy way (<-- I sound optimistic but I have my slip up's too), and all the greenery surrounding me- pure bliss.

Prior to hiking Gasing Hill, I was told by my friends that this hill would be much easier (less physically challenging) compared to Broga Hill (which is rather simple- suitable for beginners) and while I wanted to challenge myself to greater heights I was just delighted I got to explore a new (albeit short and small) hill with my wonderful, hilarious, fun-loving friends.

Glorious weather, fantastic company, a merry date with Mother Nature indeed. 

More to come, I hope, more to come. 

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