Sunday, 10 July 2016

Summer Adventures: Catching Up

I've fallen behind in my posting, my goodness, summer thrill can get a little nutty, but in the best way possible that makes my heart fuller and happier. 

Packed with lots of delightful activities, albeit tiring, holidays has been terrifically rewarding and absolutely fulfilling. 

Thank you for giving me space and time to relish in this wonderful summer fun.

Let's kick off the recap, shall we?

1) Meet up with Suen

Despite graduating from high school for 4 years to date, we still make the initiative and effort to meet up as soon as we are both available, and I absolutely cherish our friendship.

The prefect board marked our beginning of friendship in high school, we always had, I think, an understanding and admiration for each other. 5 years- never had we been allocated in the same class, though thankfully we managed to connect via prefects recess sessions, Chinese language classes, in the field... We're different in many ways, I'm passionate for public speaking and sports, Suen, on the other hand, is incredibly talented in writing, painting, Chinese calligraphy, stitch art... yes, she's all kinds of amazing and I'm pretty darn proud to call her my friend. 

Girls + sizzling hot weather = Gelato to cool down.

Also baked bread that morning and packed some for Suen and her family. She later messaged me and told me they liked it. Grinned from ear to ear to hear that. 

The only friend I know so far who wouldn't cringe if I ask her out to a healthy/ organic/ vegetarian restaurant, who would agree to my invitation to take a walk under the scorching sun in a park at 5 in the evening...

It's safe to say I would love to keep her as my friend, for as long as we shall live.

2) Indulge in home cooked food


3) Soak up precious family time

We spent our last dinner together before Sean departs to Singapore at Walnut Cafe, Puchong.

I will not elaborate much on the food because I found it was meh... I wouldn't regard myself as a picky eater but this was a let down. Specifically my dragon grouper dish.


Ken's fish and chips... which I didn't taste so I can't offer my comments on this.


To be fair, I can't be sure if my horrible mood (triggered by some unfortunate event) that night had to do with my remarks but objectively speaking, for the price we paid for the dragon grouper dish, I suppose I had higher expectations.

Probably won't be coming here back anymore, or rather, avoid ordering the same dish I did that night.

To be fair, Sean's buttermilk chicken was delicious.

The Al-funghi spaghetti Dad ordered was done Al-dente, though it was such a dismay when we were told they ran out of Walnut spaghetti. It's the cafe's signature dish!

The salad was good, but both Dad and I agreed our preference was leaning towards having the dressings separated the next time.


Love my brothers so much!

And will you just look at the way my mum was staring at my brothers. That's a mother love right there...

My heart.

4) Rejoice in plain ol' relaxation 

Ya know, waking up at my own pace (typically 7-8 a.m. but I'm not one to refuse sleeping in occasionally), leaving the house to run errands (which becomes particularly enjoyable when you're not having pending exams at the back of your head) and watching videos and reading books whenever I fancy.

I can't wait to read. These novels got sacrificed and abandoned when I was preparing for examinations. Criminal Law, Contract Law, Public Law... Endless essay writing and case note memorising would dominate and occupy my time completely. 

Now that school (university) is out and holidays are in... Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, and even inspiring short stories- here I come! The study room looks tidier now, and selecting a book is made easier, greatest thanks to mummy who sorted out most of the piling books/ files and cleaned up the study room within these past few days that I've been away to a camp.

5) Prepare for university 

Start ahead, stay ahead, ya know? Sean is off to university (oh, my baby brother all grown up) and I took the opportunity to buy stationery for him. My studying of the law degree meant TONS AND TONS of notebooks and pens. Many of my friends uses the laptop but somehow, writing it down helps me concentrate and remember better.

Special thank you to my beloved, wonderful, brilliant mum who took the afternoon off and spent it with me at the bookshop... 40 minutes away from us (per trip).

6) Skype my best friend, Ying!!!

It was a long awaited session and I missed her heaps! Cia Yee, our mutual friend joined this time around, too, and it was pleasant catching up with my good old friends.

Cia Yee and I had known each other back in Taylor's College when interviewing to run for presidential position for Student Council (we both didn't make it to the next round but I walked out of the room with a friend haha).

Ying, on the other hand, is my best friend in the whole wide world and a girl I adore to the core. She's this sweet, talented, amiable, charming, favourable, capable person I wish you'd get to know her. I don't know how she does it! Juggling many positions at a time, yet making the time to care for the people around her. A gem, undoubtedly.

7) And spent 4 days 3 nights in a camp. 

I'll share more about my experience next time.

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