Tuesday, 19 July 2016


(Note that this post was drafted from back in 13th April 2016 and only published on the blog today)

We made laksa yesterday and we intentionally made extra to gift to some of our neighbours whom we've formed close ties with (next door and opposite).

The next day Mrs Lim (opposite house neighbour) came bearing with a packet of almond and Kuih!

I greet Mrs Lim with my daily good morning greetings whenever I see her doing her gardening.

No matter how tired I may feel on certain days- I put on my brightest smile and cheeriest tone and wish my neighbours taking a walk a good morning.

I just hope everyone, specifically someone so kind like Mrs Lim gets to start off the day on a delightful note.  

It does wonders!

This whole smiling or wishing a simple good morning at people (possibly even strangers!). 

It helps that kindness is passed on.

Even if it doesn't make the world the happiest place, the fact that it may make one person beam even just for that moment, I think of it as a wonderful blessing to 'gift' in that sense. 

Just 2 days ago I saw a member of the staff carrying a thick pile of papers, she didn't seem to struggle with them and was in fact walking with ease.

However, I thought she could use a hand and offered to help- I had to repeat myself twice because she clearly wasn't expecting a student to talk to her.

"Do you need any help?"

 Immediately I see her smile widely spreading across her face, and she replied with such grace, "Oh, no, that's fine, thank you, dear, God bless you. I truly wasn't expecting that. Have a good day."

I was pleasantly taken aback by her expression of gratitude, the fact that people acknowledge kindness and reciprocates makes me so, so glad.

She said thanks again and how I made her day before entering the lift, and I wished I could have told her how SHE made my day instead. 

I understand that in a society like today, acts of kindness are sometimes even misinterpreted as being overly friendly and people are more cautious when it comes to situations like that because of increasing frauds these days.

What I'm trying to say, really, is that we may have our fair share of scenes of people throwing death stares at us- the 'who are you to talk to me look' when we greet them, but keep smiling anyway. 

We may encounter people who attempt to take advantage of us- or worse- to return good with evil- be wary, mindful but never reluctant. 

My point is that there will always be people who makes us question our kindness, whether it's even worth making the effort, sacrificing precious time, when our sincerity is trampled over violently.

But don't let that stop you, don't let that deter you, don't let that compromise your moral values and beliefs, don't let that stop you from thinking that no one cares, because I assure you, there will be people who appreciate it so sincerely, and will remind you why you decided to be kind.  

Of course being kind is not so that someone will thank you, I think that's a bonus, really it should be because you want to help a needy, you yearn to ease someone's burden, you hope to make someone's day, you look forward to spread politeness, compassion, generosity. 

To do something out of expectation that you'll receive something in return is only going to make you feel upset at the end of the day- because expectations inevitably invites disappointment.

And it should never be the motive behind why we be kind. It defeats the entire nature of being kind. 

I hope I don't come across preachy because I'm definitely imperfect with imperfect moments when I let negative values get the better of me.

It has occurred so frequently that I'm grossly embarrassed to admit.

But to accept my mistakes and work towards rectifying them, is what I constantly remind myself of.

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