Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Worth the Wait.

When I was in her stomach, she would get Kor to stay by her side and lead his hand to gently pat her stomach and say, "Mei mei is inside, sayang Mei mei." Mum constantly coaxed my brother to love his sibling(s) and try her best to give her attention to him. 

(Eyeing the cake when everyone else focused on the camera or elsewhere- foodie since I was 5) 

And it's undeniable. I am touched by my elder brother's love towards me and Sean. 

We have such a strong and close knitted sibling bond that I'm extremely gratified for.

I thank my parents from the deepest core of my heart for cultivating such an environment and for giving each of us so much love and care, not being apparently bias towards either one of us.

I always say to my mum that I'm so, so thankful for such siblings. I thank my parents for dedicating their time and effort into creating such a loving and healthy environment. 

My brother has helped me in so, so many ways. Known to be reliable and helpful, he is an inspiring individual and has been my role model growing up. 

He's the eldest so naturally on his shoulders he bears more burden and responsibilities- and he would do his best as not to worry my parents. 

Something as simple and ordinary as walking on the streets with him, grocery shopping or sitting down to a meal together makes me feel happy and grateful. 

I'm absolutely grateful that even though we can't study in the same university, I still get to travel via train or bus to visit him. 

I feel more secured with his presence in the UK. Thank you for, Kor Kor, for everything you've done for me.

My family is one of my greatest blessings in life.

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