Sunday, 15 December 2013

Unlike any other Saturdays.

This morning I woke up at 4 to take a shower. I let my hair dry so I stayed up till 5.30 till my eyelids threatened to shut. Then I proceeded to collapse on the bed. 

Before I know it, I was awake for a morning walk in the park with my family. The sun showed no mercy and shot its sweltering sun rays at us. Sean got cranky because he was hungry and claimed he lack sleep.

Oh well, it's a Sunday. I am counting my blessings and enjoying the day. Choose happiness! 

My family and I went to Paradigm mall today. We shopped, we dined, but the highlight of the outing was definitely Captain Philips the movie. We wanted to catch the 5 o' clock movie, but there were no seats available, so we settled on 7.45 p.m. instead. 

We tried to minimise boredom while killing time, so we hung around at Popular the book shop, shopped for swimwear and socks, then went to have dinner. 

All of a sudden 7.30p.m. came soon enough and off we went to the cinema.

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