Friday, 5 February 2016

Things I'm Loving Lately.

1) Facial masks.

This is a facial mask my friend, Han Qin who went traveling in Taiwan last December gifted me. Thank you, Han Qin, I appreciate it!

Looking like a legit burglar with the black pearl essence facial mask on my face. 

Mischievous and cheeky me waited in a corner to scare my mum and my helper silly, whilst dad and Sean remained calm.

Perhaps it's the ageing (yes when into the 20's there's no escaping from reality)... or the lack of exercise for the past one week, I find my complexion dreadfully dull and irritated these days and suddenly breakouts become my most distracting concern.

I'm fully aware that slapping on facial masks isn't going to eliminate the root of the problem, the skincare routine needs to couple with exercise and nourishing diet to improve. 

I've just been looking for ways to feel fresher and revitalized. Whitening on the other hand, I've given up. I've come to accept my love for sports, Mother Nature and outdoor activities means a golden tan (<-- trying to make myself feel better, you see? Don't remind me that my skin is far from a honey glow that I need to work extra hard to obtain) colour (<-- the word 'colour' is with a 'u' so dictionary kindly quit producing that red underline).

3) Helping Mama bake festive cookies.

Check out the behind the scenes of our pineapple tarts making process! 

Look ma! 

Proof that I don't just devour the cookies!

Pardon my messy and unflattering look, I was already working my way 2/3rd through by then, and was sweating puddles!

I know there are people who make their own pineapple tart cookies filling FROM SCRATCH- tremendous patience involved- and seriously mad culinary skills! Super pro but mum had already purchased ready made ones so we had to make do.

I cannot boldly say that given the chance to opt for store bought or home made we would have gone with home made though. 

Although mama did raise her concerns about the preservatives that go into the pineapple filling. We'll be trying next year! 

So major kudos to those who do! Home made everything can always be made healthier whilst not sacrificing the taste. The time and effort are entirely worth it. 

4) Dinner with Papa and Mama.

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