Friday, 19 February 2016

Steamboat dinner.

I broke down in tears in the car a few days back and mama was there to witness it. The releasing of my overwhelming emotions was possibly contributed by a combination of hunger, intense stress and pressure building up from not living up to my expectations (the 'What the heck am I doing with my life' kind of questioning myself when all my peers seem to have their life's all mapped out), and just fear for more possible failures in life that I may encounter. 
I'm, however, strikingly glad for supportive parents and family during times like these. I'm extremely grateful for my brother, Sean who would crack jokes, and go the distance to make me laugh and forget about my worries temporarily. And my patient, caring parents, who assure me always that they recognise my effort and that they support me to take every chance, and drop every fear
Dare to dream, but also work hard, work very, very hard to fulfill those dreams. 
Focus on our goals, and never give up.  
We only have ONE life, make it count. 
And because on of the many ways to make life count is to also celebrate the mirthful occasions and share our happiness, we have decided to treat our guests with a delicious steamboat dinner last Sunday night.

It was quite the feast.
It took mama and helper an afternoon to prepare these! I'm ever so impressed and in awe of their showcase of talent and dedication in the kitchen!
I admit: I am currently feeling a pinch of awkwardness posting these pictures right now as CNY to so many people has been long over and everyone has been diving back into reality but hey, since it was an eventful day, you''ll let me indulge in the pictures a little longer, okay? 
I promise my life doesn't only revolve around food. As much as it seems otherwise seeing the staggering number of posts of food on my blog.
And... Our family does more than just inviting people over and feast all day.
My mum officially raised her hands after that night and declared, "Phew, that's a wrap! Enough with the feasting! I could use a break from cooking! It all ends here." Hahahaha.
Soon the family and baby Jerome arrived!!!! You may remember him from the event we attended back in Dec 20th- his 1st birthday party in Euro Deli. 
This is Uncle Ong carrying him. I may have mentioned 'Uncle', but we're not tied to a common family tree- it simply is the way Malaysians in general address the elderly. 
Everyone on the street, at the market, in the mall, at the park... seems in one way or another our kor kor (brothers) and jie jie (sisters), uncles and aunties, gong gong (grandfather) and ah ma (grandmother), but that doesn't necessarily mean we're blood-related! 
Malaysian slang, uniquely Malaysian. Hahahaha. 
I have tons of pics of baby Jerome to be posted so if babies aren't your thing then you can't sit with me. Hahahahahaha kidding. No demands to sit with me anyway. Aiyoh sounding so pitiful.
Hello baby... Over here!!!
That's his beautiful, fair mama at the back, Violet Jie Jie.
Daddy holding baby Jerome who is currently absolutely active at a year and 3 months old and just couldn't stop moving now that he has figured out crawling and walking. 

His overflowing cheeks!!! A challenge indeed to resist pinching them.
Thank you for coming over to spend the night with us! It was great seeing you guys again!

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