Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Long after you're gone, gone, gone.

In a few hours time (depending on where you're located), we bid goodbye to 2014.

It has been by far, the most extraordinary, demanding and arduous year.

I remember recapping 2012 and 2013 on the last day of the year respectively in this blog. 

Looking back at all the posts I've written, I am absolutely glad I put in the effort to pinpoint my thoughts and feelings that moment or simply just concluding the day I had- despite how tempting it would be to forgo blogging when fatigue or laziness overtook. 

It has been gripping, riveting and enthralling to revisit those days. 

It felt like ages ago, but in fact, were dated only a few months back.

Time, you sneaky little fellow.

Without realising, the pages of the 2014 calendar have been flipping through swiftly, as though without a care in the world, and before 2014 draws its curtains, I thought I would do an update on my life in the UK, starting from my preparation to the UK and when I first set foot in the UK.

Let's trace back to September 2014.

My friends made it immensely difficult for me to leave them. 

I remember having so much fun with them each time we spend time together. 

It got me thinking a couple of times, "Do I really want to leave M'sia? Yes, education is important, I'd probably never get a chance to experience learning in the UK, but my happiness is significant as well, and my friends mean so much to me- how do I live without what has been once so familiar to me?"

Can you recognise my handwriting? :D

I remember reading this quote that runs along the line of, "an appreciation not expressed, is a gift wrapped but not given out.", and I wanted to write them all letters before I left,

That night (about 2 weeks from when I left?), I carefully wrote a letter each for my friend. 

After I had finished writing, I tied them with ribbons, then placed them in a plastic together with a soft toy inside that I selected specially for my friends according to their personalities and what I understand of them. :)

Yes, I am aware that these looked like certificates. Hehe.

Unlike most of my friends, who have attended the orientation week, I had to miss the welcome week programme due to issues relating to my visa. For weeks I have been driven up the wall with anxiety. I approached many friends with questions related to my distraught (Thanks Chloe Lau, Janice Ho, and Vivian Pun). All my friends were already in the university attending the orientation and I felt horribly worried and left out at the same time.

In fact, had I blindly waited for the email letter to be sent to my mail, I might have to delay my arrival 2 weeks (or even a month!!) later.

Extremely grateful for that one afternoon when I told my mum during lunch that we had to go to the office. An instinct told me my visa had arrived despite not receiving any emails from the office. 

Upon listening to my explanation, my mum dropped everything she was doing (literally- she was in the midst of getting her hair dyed but without hesitation got up and ignored the fact that she looked quite the attention-provoking person ha ha because of her half-way dyed hair) and within an hour plus of its closing time, my amazing mum drove us both to the office in KLCC. 

To my greatest delight (and relief!), I finally got the visa in my hands, and we proceeded to book the flight ticket. 

Less than 2 days after purchasing the ticket, I was on my way to the UK. I didn't think anyone would have believed me. I hadn't even finish packing my luggage!

It was insane. It was madness. It was crazy. It was ridiculous. But that's life. And I am thankful. 

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