Friday, 5 February 2016

Precious Friendships.

A piece of entry I saved and re-read tonight, and decided to have it posted to share with you some of my stories when in the UK. 


After I got back from Coventry I've been busy with the same ol' stuff that occupied my time for the past one month or so, NMG planning, on top of that, I started packing! 

Ha ha, yeah, less than 2 days before my parents are coming only did I begin packing. 

But I still think my room will look awfully impressive once my parents have a glance at my brother's room.

I produced buckets of sweat...

And only managed to settle 3 boxes of belongings! 

Used to joke that this is possibly the cleanest item in my room- the notice board.

Incredibly nostalgic upon seeing this! 

Mega touched once I read the inside. Carefully put together by the Master Mind behind the card, Jeanne, and the contributors Yu en, Eik Ren, Han Qin, Chin Siang, Wen Qi and Sue Zen.

They presented it to me at the airport, along with the scarf they gifted me (spot on gift- I wore it nearly everyday during the winter).

It totally took me by surprise! I hadn't expect them to spend money on me- we're all students, after all- just having them to send me off was gratifying enough!

Yet they have outdone themselves again. 

When I boarded my flight to the UK, I started reading the card- and I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. 

So heart warming, tear jerking and laugh inducing all at the same time! 

Like a perfect, sweet comedy. 

They are all unique individuals who are special and lovable in their own authentic ways. 

Grateful for such precious friends in my life.

Darling Wen Qi. 

Lovely, sweet, and demure girl she is.

(Almost) favourite Han Qin. 


Witty, bright and my best friend!

Chin Siang, fellow buddy who lives in Putra Heights and fetches me to places often! 

Thankful cannot begin to cover my gratitude toward his kindness and help! 

For the times when you would give me a ride and make sure to return me home in one piece hahaha I kid. He's a competent and responsible driver. 

A guy who may seem shy and quiet at first instance but he's nice- real nice- and funny. 


After having been through 1 & 1/2 years of A Levels with her, I dunno how to call her Yu En anymore hahahaha.

Our friendship has seen us through both our worst and best times, and she's most certainly a friend to keep and love and adore. 

Can't wait to probe her more on her life as a Nutrition Student at IMU!

Zenny Zen (I don't call her that in real life la haha, I call her by her real name Sue Zen) the petite, adorable, talented girl who has such a cheery smile she lifts the mood of the people around her!

She's stepping into a brand new, exciting journey of her life in less than 2 weeks- to further her studies abroad in the University of Melbourne, and my, my, she's deserving of it for I can only imagine how hard she worked for it. Wishing her the best of luck!

The 'Good Day, Mate!" guy.


Eik Ren who earned himself the JPA scholarship to do his undergraduate studies in Melbourne. Impressible and laudable (<-- he taught me this word!)!

Friends since we were children but only got closer in secondary school! Fate is a mysteriously spectaclular thing. 

Last but not least- dearest, sweetest Jeanne, whom I've known since Sec 1 through the prefect board and SJBA and we've never looked back since. 

Smart, down to earth and happy-go-lucky girl, she's such a friendly and positive person you just can't help but want to love her. 

I know I sure do and here's to an everlasting friendship!

To have such friends is indeed one of the greatest blessings in my life. 

I pray everyone out there to be surrounded by wonderful angels like these friends are to me. 

These friends of mine are truly worth treasuring. Thank you, I love you all.

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