Saturday, 6 February 2016

Of Karaoke and Steamboat.

Hello Saturday! You beautiful, sunny day. 

Papayas- so sweet and ripe!

Homemade version of street food. Healthier and tastier, may I suggest. Thanks mama and helper!

My huge acne (made less obvious with a filter).

With amusing, smart, sweet Yan Han for Karaoke! 

We had only just met up to sing 3 weeks ago! What can I say... We both love singing our hearts out. Perfect way to de-stress and bond. 

My fingers looking so chubby- 'cause they are. With Yan Han looking ever demure and adorable.

With Chin Siang who was midway singing as I captured this.

New friend made, hehe.

Yan Han's brother, Jun Yi. 

I've got friends who are equally amazing and talented and intelligent as their siblings. 

The stark contrast between my chubby face and Yan Han's V shaped face. 

And I don't have an 'excuse' because I wasn't on my period! Grr. Hahaha... It was the combination of both sleep deprivation and poor diet, I admit. Have been rectifying it since yesterday.

Thank you dear friends for entertaining my selfies taking and chattering. And for making me laugh so hard my belly ached! 

Upon reaching home (thanks Chin Siang once again, for the car ride!), I crashed onto my bed immediately, which is a sign of exhaustion- but my heart was contented and at ease. Looking forward to more Karaoke sessions with these guys! 

Steamboat dinner. 

Our CNY tradition in the Khor household is to have steamboat every single day for a week until one of us complains we're sick of it. Hahahahaha.

In dire need of veggies after so many days of heavy feasting + snacking mindlessly.


Thankful for dearest mama and helper who prepared such a delicious and satisfying dinner.

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