Friday, 19 February 2016

Let's Play Catch Up.

1. Truly enjoy drinking tea. 

Makes me feel a step closer to being a British. 


I am fond of tea solely for its taste, and I like in its original form, just the tea bag alone, no need for sugar and milk, please, thank you. 

Quick fact? 

I don't drink coffee, never tasted it because I anticipate the possibility of addiction towards coffee and that thought itself leaves me feeling vulnerable.

(I think too far, and I think too much.)

Either way, I can't consume too much tea as well since I'm prone to acid reflux!

Everything in moderation, I suppose?
2. Baking episodes.

Pre entering the oven. Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture pictures of these babies after they were done baking!

3. Skype sessions.

Skype session last weekend with Ying, my best friend in the UK (the humourous and kind Cia Yee joined too!). Ever bright and talented as a Vice President of AISEC in Nottingham, yet forever modest and humble and down-to-earth. She's one of those attractive people you can't help but love and adore! Thank you for being my faithful, trust-worthy listener, Ying. In good times and bad times, I promise to cling tight onto you like a Koala bear onto a tree. 

4. Home cooked meals.

5. Outside food.

Especially Japanese cuisine!

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