Friday, 5 February 2016

Hiking Broga Hill.

If not for the scenery and exercise and company, how else would I have managed to peel myself off the cozy bed at 3.10 a.m. on a Saturday morning?

Because no matter how early a riser I am, waking up at such wee hours on a Saturday morning I do not fancy.

This time Dad graciously lend me his pair of hiking shoes which made a world of difference. 

Dad's right. A pair of excellent hiking shoes truly elevates the hiking experience to a whole new spectacular level. I experienced less pain on my joints and could grip the bumpy, stony path a lot firmer this time without exerting excessive pressure on my healing knee. 

Thank you, Daddy. I love you!

30th January marked my 3rd visit to Broga Hill, though only the 2nd time with my friends, the 1st was with my camp mates if my memory serves me correctly! 

Chin Siang picked Eik Ren and me up, and drove to Han Qin's house- where we had agreed the night before to meet up.

Han Qin slept past the alarm completely and didn't pick up despite multiple rings. Eik Ren decided to dial his house phone instead and his mother picked up- at 4.10 a.m.! Felt apologetic to Han Qin's mother. It was our last resort but that still didn't stop us from feeling bad. We made sure to apologise to her. Obviously this fellow was battling serious sleep deprivation as he went out for karaoke till past midnight! 

He had his breakfast (random fact: He added chia seeds into his drink mixture which drew my attention instantaneously) and we set out to Broga Hills in Semenyih located about 45 minutes drive away from Subang Jaya.

It was clearly dark to start out with.

I was the only girl. Didn't mind at all although I'm sure if our whole group of friends were present it'd have been triple the fun. 

I love being around these boys, even if they most of the time sometimes can be totally annoying as if embarking on a mission to drive me up the wall, I believe they always mean well, and I hold them close to my heart. 

It was definitely most enjoyable! 

The view made up for all the obstacles and hurdles (pun intended) we've had to overcome before making it to the top of the mountain! 

Breaking dawn.

The Magnificent's creation blew my mind and stole my breath.

I stood there in awe of the beauty of the skies.

These guys were laughing and goofing around so much, it was certainly challenging trying to get a clear picture of them.

Who's that? 

Hmm... Don't know that guy, of course. Hehe kidding. I like him the quirky way he is.

You'd have noticed by now that Eik Ren's exceptionally fond of his unique monkey pose. 

More importantly, I was impressed at how he could hold his balance for so long.

There's a reason why I pretended I don't know them... See for yourself hahaha.

I kid! I am unbelievably enamored of these guys, they accept me for my eccentric self and I want to do the same in return, even if it means accepting their extraordinarily outlandish poses. 

Han Qin's hovering hand cracks me up.

My Dad who happened to see the picture laughed, "You must make him must feel seriously uncomfortable touching you."

Hahaha, what? Is that true, Han Qin?

They climbed up this huge rock and kept persuading me to climb up as well to which I replied, "I'm happy to serve as your photographer." Hahahaha. 

I absolutely loved taking pictures for them.

Even if it means a picture like this:

Or this:

"We're on top of the mountain!"

So... Orange. Ha ha.

Ha ha, I just realised there was a photo bomber at the back. 

Thank goodness for the boys who brought their torch lights, and who despite throughout the journey cracked hilarious and *ahem* inappropriate jokes, were such helpful gentlemen, they made sure to check on me every few steps. 

They would ask if I was doing okay, and would shine the light on the path for me so that I wouldn't stumble, lend me a hand (literally) whenever they can, especially at uneven, rugged steps which was pretty much what half the journey was made up of, and would offer me biscuits incase I was hungry which I politely declined. 

By the end of the journey, they have proven very well that chivalry is still alive. 

^ No they didn't pay me to say this. Hahahahaha. 

We were ravenous after making our way down. 

This is my bowl of bitter gourd pork noodles.

Chin Siang who looked so hungry he couldn't wait to dig in and implicitly refused to entertain my pictures taking. 

We both ordered the same dish, except he had the larger bowl and mine the smaller. 

Our bowls of noodles arrived at the same time. But he ended up gobbling it all down quicker than I did! 

Stomach must have been grumbling furiously! Poor thing, hope he didn't get too famished!

Thank you Han Qin for the drive back and forth. 

And this guy whom I will leave to you guys to decide what to think of. 

His wanton noodles.

Thankful for the fantastic weather, the scenery, and ultimately, undoubtedly, the company. Big shout out to Eik Ren, Chin Siang and Han Qin! Thank you for making my hike that day such a lovely and memorable experience. Looking forward to do more activities with you guys!

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