Saturday, 14 December 2013

Exercise + food = happiness.

Back from badminton and cycling. I was on form today! 

Though Sean claimed he didn't give his best hence I got to defeat him this round. I suppose he did. 

But I don't bother minimising the glory so just clap for me, people. 

Currently feeling ecstatic from the adrenaline flowing through my body. Exercising with the family is always my favourite activity. Isn't it wonderful how one's mood can be brightened just by being physically active?

The mango in the picture goes to show how bored I get amidst preparing for the AS exam a few weeks ago. 

Speaking of exams, I sat for IELTS this morning. I must say the test was carried out more formally than expected, and that I forgot to bring along my sweater so I was in half-frozen form while answering the questions. 

In a nutshell (My friend Ji's fav way to recap essays), it went swimmingly and I'm beyond relieved it's over. Now to look forward to the Melbourne trip! 

We decided on Tappers, One City for dinner. Here's Sean's order! He's more than ready to dig in! Everyone, bon appetite!

Breaded chicken with a side of coleslaw and fries. 

Sean's second order(!!). What can I say. He's a growing teenager. And a ravenous athlete after a badminton match.

Mushroom panini. Dad's order. 

I grabbed a bite but skipped the bread. I'd rather a light spread of cheese than a thick slather of mayo or butter on my bread or sandwich. 

Overall tasted good, but it could use more fillings!

The spaghetti dish most of you are familiar with, the Aglio Olio spaghetti. Dad's order as well. 

I wasn't tempted to taste it because I almost always order this dish in the restaurants over the past few years and decided it's nice to steer away from the usual once in a while.

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