Wednesday, 17 February 2016

CNY highlights.

I learnt a lesson this February. 

Blogging is like studying, if you don't study consistently, you'll end up being flustered and confused about where to start off and possibly struggle even with the topics you've studied. Similarly, if you don't blog consistently, you'll find yourself in an awkward position, desperately trying to sum up an event 2 weeks ago, and your blog becomes on a backwards roll instead. 

Without further ado, I'll conveniently skip past recapping on my CNY celebration with my family- of which there simply were TOO many pictures captured and I am not one to painstakingly upload in this post because:

1) Ain't nobody got time fo' that (<-- Um I don't speak like that in real life- I just wanted to sound cool but clearly... I try too hard). 

2) It's all on my account in Facebook and I recapped it in a more thorough and complete manner that I surprised myself re-reading the captions of the photos. 

A spell must have been cast upon me or something because it surely have taken me quite a bit of effort now that I look back. 

Either way the outcome is that I now have several photo albums on Facebook about my CNY celebration 2016 and should you be interested (this is me boldly assuming but obviously I know where I stand) you're more than welcomed to click here to find out more about it. 

That being said though, I have some stories to share on my more recent celebrations with my friends!

Here goes: 

1. A Haircut

Oh ya, hello. A new haircut. Hehe. Nothing drastic!!! But it's shorter and it's layered and I now have annoying fringe which I can't seem to handle and would pin it up all the time hahahaha. Guess I am an odd ball. 

I'm pleased with it though. Short/ medium length hair has always been what I favoured, I love the outdoors, can't get enough of Mother Nature and smile brighter than ever (most of the time) when greeted with the sunshine... Thus sweating profusely with a lighter hair makes me feel less uncomfortable as opposed to my weigh-me-down hair length.

I don't feel particularly different because I'm not foreign to short(er) hair. I had short hair since the day I was born all the way till my 4th year in high school! Hehe.

And yay to requiring lesser time to dry my hair!!! 

As you'd notice here... My hair doesn't look short at certain angle. But mama's no mistaken for her short hair! She got a haircut too and I adore hers. 

2. 'House hopping' 

You have heard of the phrase 'cafe hopping' I assume? It's basically derived from that phrase. So the concept is to 'hop' from one house to another, staying just long enough to chit chat and have fun (although in our case our night was consumed mainly by gambling sessions and munching on food- what's new huh?), then setting off to the next house and it continues till we decide we have had enough!

At Jeanne's house, the guys played Black Jack and I am not a fan of gambling money particularly, so I opted out.

My friends are those rare group of people who still look fabulous in their candid pictures, as evident by these pictures. I... just happen to not be categorized in the same group (HQ will gladly agree with me on this. Hmph). 

Could their grinning so hard to do with the fact that they were locking eyes with the money on the table hahahaha... 

My super amusing and amiable and lovable bunch of friends!

Demure and dainty Wen Qi.

And all the CNY festive food. Still not disappearing anytime soon. 

Thank you, aunties (my friends' mamas), for such a warm welcome and cordial invitation to chow down (you know they mean business when they shriek "EAT!! EAT!!!" at you) but my dresses have been threatening to rip anytime soon at this rate I'm eating and my mum has outwardly refused to buy anymore clothes for me.  

^ Kidding, she didn't deny me of my privilege, hahahaha, she merely declared she wouldn't be shopping for clothes for herself in the year of the Monkey because of the piling junk in the closet which means she's hinting that I should hop onto the stop-purchasing-clothes wagon too, righttttt?

We had tasty beef and chicken Shepard pies at Aril's house. Earlier I also had a quick dinner of veggies and soup before making my way there because I was hungry after an afternoon out in the mall. 

Thanks, Aril, for playing a superb host and chef for the night!

These were taken on the day I got a new haircut, which I will be shameless confident and say I may have looked passably fine that day... though sadly for that day only because my hair only looked decent because the hair stylist had blow dried my hair. The rest of the days... I would rather disguise the unruliness of my hair in a scrunched up ponytail. 

Sean's comment on mama and my haircut:

"Why are you two the odd ones out ah? Everyone else was busy getting haircuts pre-CNY but you are only getting a haircut post-CNY."

I was tempted to filter this picture so that the overall looks fairer because my complexion is just TANNNNNN from all the baking under the hot sun.

In fact I've learned to accept that my love for Mother Nature and outdoor sports means risking to be teased by boys.

In high school a guy friend called me a burnt chicken after I spent 2 months in tennis camp. 

Initially I was awfully self conscious about it and such comments did bruise my self esteem but thankfully I learned to get over it not too long after. 

Side NoteHaha boys, this is a lesson for you guys: Call a girl something of a negative nature and she may forgive you but she will never forget it. Or is it just me whoops.

Nah guys, you see this is why you should never trust everything you see on social networking sites. I look 10 times fairer than I do in actual life.
So girls, let's never fall into the trap of comparison. Love and accept our bodies, take care of our bodies, and constantly remind ourselves to appreciate what God and our beloved parents have gifted us with, alright? 

A healthy body, and a terrific smile, that is. Don't be shy to flash your lovely smile! No matter what, dress up, chin up, and never give up! 

You are worth it. You are beautiful.

I aim to be more generous with my compliments because when I receive one I can imagine just how it would make someone else's day!

We deserve to love and to be loved.

Jeanne looking pleasing and comely in her floral printed dress the other day! Last Saturday night, to be specific. 

Thank you for being such marvelous friends! 

It's fascinating how we started out as a small group of 4 who considered ourselves badminton buddies, and from there we invited more friends to join and the gang grew over years. 

Eventually we clicked (surprisingly well) and started hanging out more frequently, at our houses, the malls, play (more) badminton, watch movies, sing karaoke, eat, hike, laugh and joke endlessly, and most importantly, be with each other through the celebratory moments and low points in life.

As you can see only the cutie pie Wen Qi and I are the normal ones among these bunch of lunatics. Hahahahaha I kid, I kid!!! I wasn't aware we had to pose all cuckoo and erratic looking hahahahaha. Obviously these guys here have problems talents.

I had fun!!! 

Thanks guys for making me laugh till my stomach hurts although partially it was because I had to constantly hold in my breath when taking pictures because of the infamous food belly that will poke out in my skin-clinging dress- don't want to be offered seats on the bus for being mistaken as a preggers when I'm not even married yet thank you.  

Lovely Jeanne and CS's tongue hahahahaha. 
Ended our night at darling Wen Qi's house and by the time I reached home it was 2 a.m. and needless to say, a night owl I'm not, a coffee drinker I'm not, hence I crashed hard on the bed and woke up the next day feeling like I hadn't slept at all hahahaha. 
Thanks CS for driving me back and forth once again! Girls, he's single, incredibly sporting and has a heart of gold. You're welcome, CS for the introduction on my blog. Hahahahahahaha I'm ridiculous. I need to stop this whole match-making thing for my friends.
And of course, thank you Aril, Jeanne, Wen Qi, Eik Ren and their families for the gracious welcoming of us rambunctious and clamorous 21 year old's to their houses. 

Am reminded that this is one of the last few gatherings we'll have till Zenny Zen joins us again and it's making me teary... 
All the best in  the University of Melbourne, Zenny Zen. Hope you put the luggage weighing scale to a good use, ahaha, and contact me if you find any difficulties using it! Will always be thinking of you and praying for your well being. The world is your oyster, go fulfill your dreams!
3. CNY Open House at Suen's House
As you can see my hair cannot be tamed. Wild and disordered and screaming to run free just like the owner.
Good food!!! CHIK KUT TEH you guys. When Suen courteously asked if I was okay with it I was just having these huge question marks popping up in my head. 
Seriously, I know how lame I'm sounding right now but I didn't think of connecting Chik Kut Teh to Bak Kut Teh. Couldn't have been any more remiss. My dad was the one who had to crack the code for me. And of course I have no qualms about Chik Kut  Teh 'cause it's food. Duh ~~~
Thank you Suen's mama for such a scrumptious meal! 

I raised my concern on how her mum may be swarmed with workload yet she so benevolently spent the morning grocery shopping in the market alongside filial Suen waking up as early as 5 a.m. and then proceeding to cook up a storm for us.

I was out of the question touched by the hosts' courteous welcome. My heart softened and moved at the thought of my friend's mother and family members extending their kindness to guests like us as well.

Also inordinately proud of Suen at the same time for being such a understanding daughter lending her mother a helping hand! 
I truly have wonderful, inspiring friends.
Thanks for having me over, Suen (girl on the far right). 

From left to right: Me, Pui Leng, Yi Hui, Kai Wen, Chy Yun, Kuan Ling, Suen.

I enjoyed myself tremendously catching up with friends from high school, namely:
  • Kai Wen- Sweet girl who just gets prettier each time I see her, and certainly enchanting to talk to, 
  • Yi Hui- Admirably brilliant girl who's on her summer break from pursuing her studies in the University of Sydney (best wishes to you, Yi Hui),
  • Kuan Ling- The thorn among the roses who has such a humourous and charming personality
  • Suen's sister, Chy Yun who looked great, and whom I believe is surely and steadily handling her work well (good luck and you can do it!), 
  • Dearest Suen who keeps such a strong, positive and optimistic attitude and outlook in life I unquestionably love her and wish nothing but the best for this trustworthy, precious friend of mine

I also got to know a new friend, Pui Ling (Did I spell your name correctly? Edited: She added me on Facebook and I now know her official name hehe)! 

I haven't even got to tell her my name but I'm glad we met. She's delightfully pleasant and just adorable it's no wonder her infectious laughter and twinkling eyes caught our mutual friend/ her boyfriend, Jay Ching's heart. Hahaha I'm rooting for you guys! Stay loving!
Grateful to have known you guys although we don't talk often- I was just in fits of giggles listening to the jokes you guys make so effortlessly!
Life's most urgent question: "To take another card or not to?"
Because when the tension builds up, you shake it off.
Also by now you'd have deduced just how badly my selfie game suck. 
At least in this one I got pretty Suen captured!
Thank you, so, so much, once again, Suen and your family especially your remarkable mother for making me feel so loved and cared for! I am gratified for our friendship.

Take care, everyone!

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