Monday, 16 December 2013

An Oscar-worthy movie.

One of the best movies I've watched in my 18 years. Based on a real story, Captain Phillips is a suspenseful and enthralling movie.

Tom Hanks who starred Captain Philips was amazing in the movie. He played the character brilliantly, you would feel he's going through every scene as though it's in real life. 

I was beyond glad I watched Captain Philips with my family. Thanks Sean for willingly watch it the second time with us. It made the outing more memorable than it already was.

Mum and I had a fantastic, significant talk this morning during our walk. 

I had so much to let off my chest. Mum listened to me pour my worries, and offered me solutions. Best listener and best friend indeed, mums. 

We ended the conversation with both of us feeling more hopeful and optimistic to take on the world.


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