Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sushi for 4.

We had sushi again last night! 

Yes, sushi for the... 2nd time this month?

What happened to 'clean' eating prior to CNY? Hahahaha.

Seaweed and tofu on a bed of iceberg lettuce.

Dad dipping the piece of lettuce into the sesame dressing which we called for to be separated. 

We have never been a fan of an overdose of dressing, which we think is the case for salads in restaurants in general to cope with the heavy handed taste buds of most of the customers. 

We prefer to taste our food first, then add accordingly to suit our liking. 

Sean's favourite sushi, and he even tried the avocado sushi, basically- two thinly sliced pieces of (unripe) avocado on top of the rice. 

At least we had fun trying to eat it.

This plate of eel! Superbly delicious! It's our must order from the Japanese restaurants we visit, trailing closely behind our family's (ESP beloved mum's) favourite salmon head. 

More pictures of our food in Dad's phone upcoming the next post, alright?

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