Friday, 29 January 2016

Some 'za and 'cha

Helper was occupied baking CNY cookies (yumm), so I drove Sean out to the nearby restaurants to take away lunch. 

Love brief bonding afternoons like today!

Us at the organic restaurant, waiting for Lei Cha/ Thunder Tea Rice. 

Sean debated on ordering curry noodles but his inner western kiddo spoke up and commanded him to choose pizza. 

Pizza that is! Domino's? Or Pizza Hut?

I was busy taking whiffs of the delicious doughy cheesy goodness the restaurant smells of.

Pizza is art. 


Love that it was empty. Anti-social alert. Hehe.

Incase you haven't already figured out... We chose Pizza Hut.

Sean making the order. The staffs were friendly and polite, which was really heart warming. The service industry needs more cheery, positive workers like these. 

Beef Pepperoni pizza.

Hawaiian chicken pizza.

Behind the scenes of how I snapped these pictures. Haha.

And mushroom soup. 


Speedy metabolism. 

If I were a boy... 

Actually I don't mind not being a boy, let me be Kate Middleton. That's not too much to ask, right? 

I'm kidding! #SelfLove is the greatest love of all. #MariahCarey 

On a serious note, let's love, accept and embrace ourselves, especially our flaws, for they're what makes each of us unique.

Quite thrilled to dig into this. Except I'm super full given my breakfast fit for not just one but many kings. 

(Except I'm not a king hahaha)

A friend shared this on Facebook. Think it's worth a read! I will be making time to blog about this piece of article in some time!

'Cause you miss seeing my acne scarred, close up face right?

I promise I'm normal. Have a splendid weekend!

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