Sunday, 24 January 2016

Rolling in the month of January.

I've found a liking towards skies in general. 

I find that such a simple gazing upon the skies, marveling at God's creation, reminds me of how blessed and fortunate I am to be healthy and alive, and the importance of finding joy in the little things in life.

It's like a painting, except it's ever changing, ever evolving, and absolutely natural. 

I smell curry cooking in the kitchen, and I'm excited!!!

Mum's curry was finger licking good.

SOOOO good I'm lost for words.

The homegrown curry leaves, 

The abundance of herbs and spices and tomatoes,

The creaminess, nuttiness of the coconut milk came into play...

All of which elevated the already unbelievable fragrance and flavour of the curry dish. 

Inside we have tofu, long beans, lady fingers, chicken, potatoes... 

All fresh and packed with a punch of spice, making my taste buds dance in thrill. 

Two thumbs up!!! 

Thank you, dearest mama, for:

Waking up early to go to the market when everyone's still sound asleep,

Hovering over the stove for hours till you're all sweaty and tired,

Just to come up with such a fantastic dish. 

The Verdict? We loved it! 

And we love you even more, mama!! 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Draws a huge smile on my face. It's my favourite celebration since young! 

I was awarded the honorary task: Tie ribbons around the plant. 

Decorate, in other words. 

How fun!

Scissors? ✅

Wrapping item? ✅

An eager mood? ✅

A smiling June? ✅

All set. Let's get started. Hehe.

Yay! Done! Mama generously complimented my work hehe although it really is an easy one, and it's going to be starring in the living room. 

That afternoon, we hit up IOI Mall for a 2-hour Karaoke session!

Finally met my darling friend from high school, Joy (aka Yan Han)! 

She's just like her name- 

Beautiful inside out, 
Super, super fun to chat with. 

Oh and perhaps most importantly, she's single!

I probably laughed more than I sang. Hahahahaha. But I thoroughly enjoyed myself being with these guys.

There was Joy deliberating which song to select. Major life decision going on. 

I don't sound splendid but singing is truly one of my ways of de-stressing and bonding with loved ones. 

All in all, a fruitful Sunday.

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