Friday, 1 January 2016

Out with the Old, In with the New

I broke the record. 9.30am- the time I finally peeled myself away from bed! What a way to start 2016... 

I tried! I arrived home at 3.40am, washed up and went to bed at 4am last night (this morning?) so you'll forgive me. 

The sight of the fireworks last night was worth it though. Beautiful! 

It was stunning and I couldn't help exclaiming softly, "哇!好漂亮!”“太美了。”

Gorgeous, isn't it? What a shame I hadn't taken enough pictures! Hopefully the friends will send some later otherwise I'll have to bug them.

Donned a red dress because "huat ah!"

Also flashed back memories of when I put on that dress for the very first time to attend a concert in Genting.

These cheeky fellows were told to take a pic for me instead took selfies of themselves. 

Surprise surprise.

Okay ah enough liao hor.
Award winning smile, yes? No?
The girls. Thank you for being such wonderful company.
Darling Zenny looks so cute here! 

No one is allowed to digress hehe.

I can never seem to look nice in a candid.
Yu En, Chin Siang, and me! 
My heart is brimming with gratitude for all the trips he made to pick me up!!

Seriously, this guy is remarkable. As long as he could make it, he'd fetch me back and forth despite the distance and the (more often than not) late nights outings!!! My only way of repaying his kindness is to share out the toll fare and well, if possible, match make him and a girl.  

He keeps me entertained.  What a pleasant guy to be around with. Thankful. 

Ridiculously dark I cannot begin to stress how frustrated I was that we couldn't get any good lighting.

But aiyoh mustn't grumble. Thankful to get to celebrate this countdown with my beloved friends. And because 2016: new hope, new faith, new beginning. 

Renewed positive outlook and attitude okay? We can do it!

Yu En who made me laugh so hard in the car I developed a good stomach ache from it.

My friends couldn't fathom just how low my laughter trigger / 笑点 is. 

My soulless eyes.

Some of my favourite girls to hang out with!

Me and the best friend, Eik Ren. Can't believe we've known each other since primary school! Old liao la. 

Someone just has to raise the phone looking like a selfie/ wefie is awaiting and we'd all rush forward and squeal, "Eh eh wait for me ah!!!"

Acted like hooligans la tsk tsk. 

Thanks Qi for the pictures. 

Notice how I swept my hair to the back because I was “你很粘啊。” as lamented by Chin Siang when our arms accidentally touched. Hahahaha. Whoops.

The large crowd didn't help the already unbearable humidity plus I was already in a dress- had I worn jeans I can only imagine the sweat drenching my outfit. 

So much fun with these people. I adore them.

Thankful for these friendships formed with them, over the years, different directions we may have headed, but we still are as close knitted as well, possibly a stronger tie after a period of absence. We may be physically apart most of the time due to, you know... Growing up (hahahaha what's new?), but what's important is that we truly rejoice in our together time!

Also missing Leland, who is in the U.S., nice that we still keep in touch and always elated to hear his well updates. 

It's safe to say Zenny Zen (the cutie, petite one in the middle with the peace sign) was the only one who bothered to actively switch up poses. The rest of the group, passive bunch of people (hahahaha... okay granted Qi was holding the phone so she's excused) on the other hand couldn't trust ourselves to look cute as she did with all the variety of poses so we played safe. Big grins! 

Hahaha look at my face. I wasn't lying when I said I look terrible in candids. 

More fireworks for you. Pic credits to Qi and Zen.

Stole my breath.

Photobomber spotted!

AKA Aril, who was so strong the entire night despite his foot injury- put up a brave front and even drove a couple of us back home! Salute, salute.

I was beginning to look sleepy because I was. Hahahaha 80-year-old lady living in this 21 (OMG so old le) years old body of mine.

Why am I usually caught making amusing faces hahahaha.

Oh HELLO Han Qin, your waving worked! We noticed you!

Need to give it up for Zen for diligently whipping out her phone and capturing these memories!

Yeah, see what I meant? Only Zen made the effort to show different sides of herself. Me? I'm just pleased I could keep my eyes open hahahaha.

The guys decided it was too early to go home at 2am so we stopped by Asia Cafe in SS15 to have supper.

Oh ya la, diet? What's that?

I didn't order anything to eat though the satay was Yu En's because as much I love food I do not fancy eating late night. Uncomfortable and stuffed it leaves me feeling and also gives me nightmares! 

And also 'cause fat. Story of my life. 

I don't think it's wrong to have supper though. I just don't think it's compatible with my lifestyle.

So if it's what works towards your health and happiness then by all means, have you cake and eat it too.

It was my first time counting down to the new year with my friends, as the past years were spent trying hard to sleep through the fireworks hence a change has been sweet! 

Grateful for the splendid experience. Not too crazy (ahem no alcohol involved hahaha a few were driving and we wanted to be responsible adults you see) yet mildly intimate and profusely interactive at the same time. 

Happy New Year once again, and may health, happiness and joy come your way wherever you are, wherever you go.

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