Tuesday, 15 December 2015

You are not him nor her

My best friend in the whole wide world (apart from my mum because no one tops mothers! ;))- Ying, always sends me these lovely, encouraging quotes which lift my mood- not necessarily due to the immediate motivating effect of the quote as my eyes scan them, as well as to take into account of the delightful reminder that someone has me stored in her mind.

Can we all agree that autumn is incredibly beautiful?

I pray, all you kind souls and genuine people out there, be safe and healthy and happy. 

The world is driving all of us in such ways that we are always getting ahead of ourselves, wanting more and not willing to work hard enough, working too hard but not knowing when to take a rest, doing so much but not actually engaging in times with family and friends which supposedly (and dare I assume) mean the most to us.

Let's all always remember how wonderful it is to be alive in this world, sheltered with a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes to keep us warm and dress up to our liking, and people who loves us and whom we adore wholeheartedly.

At the end of the day. You want to look back and say. No regrets. No regrets does not mean a life free of mistakes and hurdles. The harsh reality is that we make mistakes a lot of times and we often find ourselves in the situation where we have to reluctantly talk ourselves out of crying over spilled milk.

No regrets just mean that amidst the scrapes and bruises we got from our countless times of stumbling down, despite the endless gruesome challenges we thought we could never overcome, but with strong mental power we breathe to ourselves: "Just do it. Just this once." We push on and we find the light at the end of the tunnel.

After all, when you cross the finishing line, who is to tell you you've failed?! You're just going to be bloody glad you finished it, aren't you?

We pick ourselves up, and move on with our life. 

Life is not to live without regrets. Regretting when we blindly follow others' advice and go against our own goals and aims. Regretting when our lack of confidence and stooping low self esteem prevents us from trying- at the very least.

That time when you give up even before attempting of fear people'd laugh if you'd failed.

But what is failure? Failure to me is not giving yourself a chance when you were given one. Failure is not grabbing the opportunity because of the negative thoughts getting in your way. Failure is thinking lowly of ourselves when we should, always always have faith in ourselves. Failure is intentionally betraying our passion, choosing the "standard" route because "no one does it the other way".

Having a bad day? Good. Life is not meant to be a smooth flowing one. You don't learn and you don't shape yourself that way. 

Each time you think: "Argh screw this shit. I came first and this guy just jumped queue like that. But no one dares tell him off because we live life cowardly. Life is unfair."

I'm not telling you to remain silent and hold your tongue. 

I'm instead correcting focusing on correct our mindset first.

Be grateful. No matter how grunt worthy the moment is. You are educated. You are civilized. Your parents, your peers, your family and loved ones and your own moral values, your own effort have build your character in such a way that you know it's wrong to jump queue unless of course there's a reasonable reason which meets the reasonable standard of a reasonable man.

Back to the topic. You are not that rude person who jumps queue without a valid reason (and if so, bothered explaining) and who probably gets cursed by a thousand people lining up.

You are not that rude person who probably, miserably loses out heaps in other aspects of his life because he isn't aware or chooses to be ignorant about his manners and the way he conducts himself.

You are not him. And you should be thankful. Some people are meant to be reminders to us, lessons in our life.

You're not to belittle him, or anyone for that matter, you're meant to after having witnessed and experienced this, be grateful you're educated and well brought up enough to not turn into the persons you'd shake your head at heavily today, be reminded that life is when you meet a crazy variety of people whom you don't believe could actually exist, but fact is they came out of their mother's womb and perhaps, less unfortunate than we are, weren't as educated as we are...
And know that it serves for a reminder to tell you the kind of person you want to be, and not want to be as you age.

Sometimes karma just takes a little longer to work its magic. Sometimes karma is fast asleep, and needs time to react. (Like how we do!

So you may not think karma has hit back immediately, and probably not for a long, long time, but eventually, things happen. I'm not advocating that these people deserves bad things in life because I know and believe that to change your life, the power is in your hands.

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