Saturday, 30 January 2016

My best friend.


We matched! 

My inspiration and role model in life. Never a dull moment with my lovely mama.

Can you believe these mata kucing?

Ahhhh!!! *squeals in delight

Home grown, and incredibly fresh and juicy.

It took mama and our helper buckets of sweat and effort before our trees of 7 years managed to churn out these beautiful produce!

From planting the trees, digging the soil, watering it, buying fertilizers, loosening the soil once more to apply fertilizers and checking on the trees daily... 

Persistence and hard work truly paid off, and bore the sweetest fruits (pun intended). 

Months later, we were rewarded with the fruits of our labour.

Hi my best friend.

^ Also this was filtered. Working towards to have such flawless complexion too!

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