Saturday, 2 January 2016

Low-key weekend.

I cracked my brain in attempt to find a creative way to highlight the weekend. You know, juicy bits. 

There were mirthful happenings and somber ones, and I was trying to squeeze out something inviting to share with you… but after multiple tries I threw in the towel and decided I’d just let my weekend flow out in disorganised pieces.

We'll begin with... my sleep on Saturday night. 

I woke up at midnight, couldn't fall asleep due to tightness in chest, so I hurriedly swallowed some medicine for acid re-flux, and returned to bed. 

It was not until I went to sleep next to mummy, that I finally stopped tossing around and slept like a baby. 

Loving the sun peeking through the thick, rolling clouds. 

It's going to be a sunny day! May you mood be as cheery and bright as the sun!

Chinese New Year hasn't officially arrived (though I've been going around wishing everyone a Happy CNY!) and the container of Nga Ku (fried arrowhead chips) is half gone. 

In my defense I didn't eat it! I'm more of a cookie monster. Hehe. I'm learning to tame my sweet tooth! 

Market buys:

Fruit basket: Replenished.

She who requests gets what she desires.

Haha mama was craving for persimmons so dad and I bought two boxes for her from the market. 

The least we could do!

Just waiting for 'em mangoes to ripen! 

芋头糕。Yam Kuih.

Mama and Dada's favourite! 

Kidding!! I don't call my Dad Dada, more like, dad!

Also I realised the market is an ideal place to bump into people you haven't met for ages. Each time I accompany my parents to visit the market, I'm bound to meet someone whom I haven't been in touch with for years. Some 2 years, and can go up till 10 years!  

They appear right in front of my very eyes, flesh and bones (I mean, flesh alone) and my eyes would widen as large as ping-pong balls. I would tug at the sleeve of my mum's T-shirt, as I shiver in both excitement and fear that they wouldn't recognise me out of my drastic change (weight gain) in physical appearance. 

Notably, people have been kind, mostly, and I would breathe a sigh of relief after that. I wouldn't avoid turning up in the markets just for such a silly reason, I'm just reminded by how small the world is and how delightfully refreshing it is to see old friends/ neighbours/ teachers again. 

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