Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I'm about to share the story of our purchasing of a cake for... Literally no occasion. Because cake.

It started with Sean wailing as mum and I reached home from the clubhouse,
Hey guys! I'm in the mood for a cake! Major cravings here!

We tried to get him to come to his senses hahaha... But he was persistent. Not that we were reluctant to buy him one, rather we were astonished, after all, it was the first time he has expressed his yearning for a cake on a regular day. 

Guess I have just been too used to the perception that cakes are meant for special occasions presumably birthday celebrations. 

I'm glad Sean decided to turn it around.

We had to choose between the 1kg and 0.5kg chocolate cheese cake- Sean was craving for chocolate cake, the 1kg cake at RM60 and the 0.5kg at RM40. 

Clearly the 1kg would be worthier the buy, BUT my dad's motto of moderation in everything rung in our ears, so we refrained. Great timing. 

Sean didn't want a cake of solely chocolate because he claimed it would've been too rich, which I agreed.

This chocolate cheese cake was the first cake Sean set eyes on anyway. 

The sweet brother came up to my room last night and invited me to join him in cutting the cake. 

I was teasing him, "So whose birthday are we celebrating?" 

It was fun. We bonded well. I allowed myself to indulge this afternoon as I devoured half a slice that mum had left in the fridge after I gently reminded her she may feel too full. 

Oh the irony because the daughter grabbed the remaining piece subsequently.

It was delicious!!!

I had gathered the chocolate would propose a stronger flavour but the cheese texture certainly overpowered the cake. Not necessarily a bad thing, also it didn't taste as sweet as we had envisioned it to be, mostly because it's a cake so naturally we assumed...

But I did enjoy it, I loved the creamy, slightly cold, tangy, yet perfectly flavourful layer of cheese sandwiches between a thin spread of chocolate flavoured cream and chocolate sponge cake. My taste buds tingle at multiple flavours glided through my tongue. It melted in my mouth into puddles of happiness.

The attendant asked as she confirmed our cake, "Nak tulis apa message?"

(What message would you like on the cake?"

"Happy birthday?" She suggested, or seemingly, predicted. 

"Happy new year 'lah'." Sean answered nonchalantly. 

"Happy new year?!" The attendant looked genuinely shocked and raised her eyebrow at Sean's reply. 

Happy new year when it was 13th Jan last night. Yup that's us. 

I don't doubt that in her mind she thought she was dealing with two maniacs. 

Probably felt sorry that we were delaying our celebration this long. 

"Nanti... I tulis untuk kamu."

(Hang on... I'll write it for you.)

Sean just ended his A Levels examinations months ago. His 6 years of studying abroad in Singapore meant that he was out of touch with Malay language, though absolutely brilliant in his English language. Oh Singapore, just how amazing is your education system. 

This explains his mixture of Malay and English when dealing with the Malays in the country. 

It can be super hilarious at times. I remember his trip to Putrajaya to renew his IC. 

He couldn't understand the words the Malay attendant was speaking (I have to say, he spoke at a really quick pace but nothing I wouldn't expect since uh... This is Malaysia.) and turned to seek help from me. 

Sean had a ridiculed expression on his already confused looking face. "What...?"

I tried my best to make sense of what he said, though I was also 'rusty' after a year abroad plus 1 & 1/2 years in college, and served as his translator till that process was over. 

Sean is terrific in his command of the English language, far stronger than mine I'd admit, he usually corrects my grammatical error and inaccurate pronunciations. 

I used to feel ashamed and annoyed at the beginning however I have long started to appreciate his pointing my mistakes out because I truly learn there and then.

The road to gaining knowledge is a never ending one. Let's all remain humble in the pursuit of knowledge no matter how old we grow.

Should explain this message too. Sean thought of it. 

Our surname is Khor, and Khor sounds like 'core' so hardcore --> hard'khor'. 

I know right?! Instead of madness let's call this creativity instead!

I cracked up over his idea. 

He's so full of mischief and crazy, wacky thoughts! 

Nevertheless he's my brother whom I love and adore, and who owns so many admirable qualities. 

I love having his company. 

Truly happy to see him happy and smiling. Siblings love. This is when I say my thank you's to daddy and mummy for giving such a supportive and inspiring family, which is partly made up of my two wonderful brothers. 

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