Thursday, 28 January 2016

Family trip recap (Part III).

Check out Part I and Part II of our annual family trip!

The final morning, we were set to leave Penang. We debated going to many places but ultimately decided on visiting Botanical Garden again because 1) it was near and 2) we liked it, so why fix it if it ain't broken?

Our date with Mother Nature was sadly cut short because we were tight on time as we were trying to make it back home before the skies turn dark. Dad didn't join us because he wanted to explore the hill. 
We agreed on 10 a.m. to gather at the car park and leave for brunch, but dad was no where to be seen. Mum and I had started taking out note pads and writing notes for dad to inform him we had come by, when he surprised us from the corner. 

Thank goodness because the stray dogs and monkeys hanging around were frightening me to a state of pale and green.

We went walking back to Botanical Garden while dad drove (us ladies insisted on sweating further) there to meet up with Sean and Ken who were enjoying their game of Frisbee. 

Then we went to hunt for food!!! 

My fish porridge. Everyone loved my dish! Sean who is known to steer clear from seafood even raved about it. 

What an achievement... 

For the elderly aunt selling this at the stall hahahaha
Curry Mee.

Drinks which I can't remember what they are. I am going to go ahead and deduce now from the picture that those were probably barley drink, Luo Han Guo and sugar cane drink. 
Sean's 加料 Wanton Mee (That's what the menu said).

He devoured it all so none of us actually tried it so no fair verdicts on the noodles can be offered hahaha. But the fact that he inhaled it may imply it was good... or he could be downright ravenous. Let's give the noodles the benefit of doubt. 

Char Kuey Teow. Got quite sick of it by the end of our trip, I must admit.
We hadn't invested intense effort to search for good food in Penang beforehand so we accepted that we only got to taste mediocre ones.

Nevertheless I'm thankful for the opportunity to bond with my family members in such a intimate and loving manner.
After our meal, Dad, Mum and I who weren't quite as satisfied left Ken and Sean to finish their breakfast and crossed the road to a shop to buy souvenirs for our friends and neighbour. 
What an array of biscuits, traditional cookies, and quirky flavours of dried fruit sold!

There were freeze dried durian, rambutan, and mangosteen? Whoa. We got to try some from the display. I was impressed by the creativity, but not so much as to the flavour.
Coffee was sold, too! Mama bought a packet. We don't drink coffee in the household so naturally I knew it was a gift for a friend.
If you say so...
So we got sucked into buying the 'must-buy' products. Hahahaha.

Ban Heong.


Helped Daddy and mummy capture a picture of them before we left.

"Jie take picture!! Street art leh."

Well, anything for you, Sean and Ken.

Love love love these two. 

I may be (just shake your head and insist otherwise) bias but I think they're good looking. My parents passed down the superior genes to them. To Sean precisely because look at me. *sobs

My dad has these two obvious dimples which neither of us inherited that from him. 


*wails harder 

Drama Queen alert.
And with that I conclude our family's 4 days 3 nights trip back to our parents' hometown, Butterworth and Penang.

Many, many thanks to our relatives for being such terrific hosts, it was wonderful getting to reunite after years! I'm grateful for this incredibly cool extended family of mine. Bucket full of gratitude toward Daddy and Mummy, for meticulously planning the trip to accommodate all 5 members, and for giving us such a memorable experience. Till then, Perak; Till then, Penang! I'll come visit you again. 

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