Thursday, 28 January 2016

Family trip recap (Part II).

Picking up from where we dropped off!

The following day, at the parking spot, can you guess where we went that Christmas Eve morning? 

My beautiful mum. 

I've been receiving many compliments on behalf of mama as she looks unbelievably young and remarkably lovely. 

Me and my best friend. 


I love my family.

Aren't couples happily married the cutest to watch?

Mother Nature is gorgeous.




The men in our family.

If it weren't for my knee injury, we would have gone hiking. 

But for a total recovery, I will wait patiently.

Matching shirts.

Botanical garden. Paying a visit for the 2nd time. Can you guess when my first visit was and with who? Hehe.

The minute I saw these abundance of bright, vibrant orange flowers, I squealed in delight. 

"Sean, hurry pose for the camera, Jie will help you take pics!"

And pose he did!

Ken's outfit... face palms for a moment.  Hahahaha.

But hey, comfort > ___ when traveling!




I suggested the pose. Hehe.

How thankful am I to call myself their daughter. 

My role models and pillars of life.

Here Dad was trying to capture a candid like picture but then Sean... 

Dad: "维轩,你站得太直了!”

Approached a pretty, friendly girl who helped us take these pictures. We helped them take their family pic in return too!

Complete family picture. 
My marriage goal is inspired by my parents, hand in hand, age gracefully and happily together.
They looked so tiny! Hehe. I climbed all the way up the stairs (about 10ft high?) to help them take pictures. 
The lotus lake just appeared so serendipitous and peaceful, lovely to calm the heart and mind.
I confess I had to read the Chinese writing a couple of times before identifying the words.
It was glaringly hot. Sizzling ground just as we decided to tour Penang on our feet. 

However I secretly appreciated the sweltering weather which made for a perfect opportunity for perspiration after many days of surviving the air conditioned hotel rooms.

Brother Ken clearly didn't share my sentiments.
All grown up already! *wipes tears of joy 

Hahahahaha I am such a drama queen.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into my life. 

Thank you for the bittersweet memories we have created. 

Thank you for being the most reliable brothers, fiercely protective of your gullible sister. 

Thank you for being such genuine, inspiring, strong individuals whom I aspire to learn from.

No matter how old my parents grow to be, I vow to take care of them just as how they've always taken care of us.
It was definitely eye opening walking around the fascinating buildings of Penang. The architecture remains traditional looking, preserving the essence of this amazing heritage rich with our very own unique Penang culture. 
How funny is this brother of mine. Hahaha posing like a pro.
Then the prop (umbrella) was placed on the side.
Mum invested tons of effort in taking the pictures (bending down in difficult positions) so I'm posting all of them. And 'cause it features meeeeee.
Here was my "Thanks, mum, I think that should be more than enough pictures for the same spot." face.
We covered figuratively 20 km on our feet by noon and lunch couldn't come at a better time. 

We sat down at a restaurant which looked decent despite being located by the road.
Hard at work frying Char Kuey Teow.
Not easy to make a living. 

Appreciate what we're awarded with and never take anything for granted. 

Learn, and learn, and learn.
Sweaty, hot, tired... Doesn't matter... All in the name of our love for street food.
All in the name for...

Ice Kacang Chendul.
I don't know how my mum can still look so sweet and demure after queuing in the hot, blistering weather for nearly 20 minutes. 

I surprised myself by not being flustered and cranky. I think the eye opening experience (ie I've never been one of those who would queue ages just to taste a certain food. But that day I learnt the things Malaysians do for food) made me forget about the unbearable heat temporarily. 
Mum placing our order. 

3 chendul(s) please! Dad and I counted ourselves out because:

1) Dad had this for three times at least

2) My body acts up if I were to have icy cold food/ drinks during menstruation
Not sure what was up with Sean's tongue.
Still not sure...
Later that late afternoon we crashed on the bed and slept like babies. We hadn't expected ourselves to be THAT worn out, but highly suspected the scorching sun sucked all our energy. 

We woke up, sort of got dressed (if you count wearing jeans and T shirts dressing up- you know- something other than sweatpants/ yoga tights and baggy clothes) and hit the nearby mall. It was of a brief 10 minutes walk- perfect for when the road traffic was on the peak of congestion.
Dad ordered the banana cherry milkshake. 

The only part cherry about this was literally the cherry on top.

It was unforgivably and cloyingly sweet to the point that it got sickening. It was a brilliant thing we shared among 5, though I'd admit I dominated 3/4th of it. 

My sweet tooth that (um, every) night was on rage!!!
Sean and I shared this. 

Pork ribs, sweet corn and beer battered fries.
Ken stuck to one of the 5 precepts: Avoiding alcohol hence he had to refrain from eating the beer-battered chips. Poor fellow had a hard time because his mind was drifted away to else where while the rest of us munched away happily. I had a couple of fries, decided it wasn't worth my stomach space and stopped.
Pork ribs was the highlight of the meal. Tender, soft, juicy... It was every bit the kind of dish you want to bite into.
Mama's Aglio Olio wasn't too shabby. In fact my parents loved them, but I couldn't stand the spice.
I ended up still devouring quite a portion of it, hence all the milkshake followed suit to ease the spice.

I ended the night with a food belly. 

Sigh, when will I ever learn? 

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