Sunday, 17 January 2016

Badminton and Bread.

I live in an area where shopping malls are cup runs over with. There seems to be no end of these money-burning (yikes guess someone's bitter), air-conditioners-blasting, jam-packed-Instagram-worthy-cafes places.

Note: I had quit Instagram beginning January 2015, and as much as I want to tell you I don't fight the urge to reinstall it, I do miss it occasionally

Yet I'd rather spend a day at home, where lying in bed, watching YouTube videos admittedly sound a 1000 times more appealing than being in the middle of the crowd, or paying a hefty amount for a plate of teeny portioned pasta in an overrated restaurant.

Whoops guess I am also antisocial hahahaha.

Wait, I promise I'm not! As evident by a badminton session with the friends on a Sunday.

Is this the season for badminton? Each time in this year I come the courts are packed. 

Must be all the 2016 new year resolutions of losing weight performing its magic. 

Kidding. Or rather people are increasingly health conscious which is a good sign. 

Chin Siang, my friend since upper secondary school, who graciously gave me a ride to and fro. Thank you, thank you. 

Post badminton. My legs were jellyyyyy. 2 hours. 4 players. Must be my poor stamina. 

Downright tired, but also super grateful for the ever hilarious and awesome buddy, Chin Siang for giving me a ride back home.

Walnut topped bread in the two trays, and red beans filling buns surrounding. 

Homemade, and the wholemeal flour used, hence the colour/ texture/ appearance. 

I tasted them and they tasted fantastic! 

It snowed in Nottingham! 

My best friend sent me a confession, as worded by herself. So sweet, so cute of her to do that. 

Miss and love her tremendously.

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