Sunday, 3 January 2016

5 simple joys.

I have been aching for a break in the routine. Things have been rolling fast and furious around here with Sean's application, Chinese New Year just around the corner and my attempts to BE productive. 

Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying this phase of life, loving this slow, relaxing pace (we-ll, it'd be ideal if we can work on speeding it up a little) but aware that it may trap me into its ridicule if not for a few things that keep me active, healthy and jubilant. Hence I constantly find myself doing these to keep me rolling on a daily basis. 

1) Family time. 

Picture credits to Mama. Which reminds me, a recap of our Penang trip awaits!

When I surround myself with my family I lean away from the tendency to tap into social media. Soaking up the laughter and hugs feels spectacular, actually. I forget the harsh reality and outside world exists. I aim to do more of this in 2016. More quality human interaction of whom I hold close to heart.

2) Step outside.

Aren't the skies in January MAGNIFICENT? Just unreal. God's creation is simply wonderful.

This rings irony as I am right in front of a laptop typing away, but it's 8.14 at night as I'm typing this, and I did pounce on the opportunity to cycle in the neighbourhood, inhaling the fresh air before the rain started pouring! 

3) Dine in.

Fried brown rice. Secret ingredient: A mother's love.

Haha I assure you I'm not that cheesy all the time. 

I promise there were springy noodles beneath that pile of veggies.

I have witnessed the tremendous effort mama put into preparing these nutritious, delicious meals. 

For that, I am especially appreciative.

What a pretty purple, yes? Did it catch your eyes? 'Cause it's extremely striking not to miss! I have asked mama what it's made of and she said something which I forgot but I'll ask her again if anyone of you wants to find out.


See the fried fish? I ate 3 of them! *cue gasps

I wasn't that hungry, but the fish was that good!

Dining out is fun, our eyes light up upon suggestions to try out a restaurant, although we find more peace and serendipity in having a meal at home, just like how Daddy puts it, "Just us, our home-cooked food and our chatters."

Besides, it saves $$! In our case, RM's. 

#Anti-SocialFamilyAlert hahahaha. 

I kid. 

Because every once in a while, I do need to get my Japanese and Korean food cravings fixed!

4. Eat desserts!

Pancake made with flour + pandan essence (made from minced homegrown pandan leaves).

The filling with shredded unsweetened coconut later sweetened with coconut sugar.

Life is short, eat dessert first. 


I have a major sweet tooth, precisely during that time of the month my raging hormones demand extra sweets but my blood sugar and thighsssss frown upon the overloading of sugary baked goods, so I try to work with my body by feeding it natural, wholesome fruits in lieu of, say, cake, or those tempting CNY festive cookies!

Juicy, fresh, homegrown mata kucing

Sean: "Hey, can you guys not finish it so quickly?!"

Aww. Hahahaha. We burst out laughing. We saved some for him, but from the picture below you can gauge how addictive they were!

Guavas are my favourite! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the guava season will never end!

Persimmons trail closely behind a tough competitor!

5. Exercise.

Made more exciting with sporting partners!

One day, I initiated a badminton session which time suggested by Eik Ren because boy would I have gone berserk if I were to be cooped up in my house for the next 24 hours. I needed to sweat, to move, to interact with my peers. 

I couldn't remember the last time I played a sport at 8.30 p.m. onward, mostly because my energy level at night is low and I am a fairly early sleeper, but that night was an exception, with my awesome friends it was worth it. 

I love these guys! 

I always laugh harder than ever when hanging out with them.

Ah, so much fun.

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