Thursday, 7 January 2016

18 Tales.

This really randomly assembled post is about: 

Home cooked/prepped food with extra doses of love.

Thank you, mummy! 

Grateful for wholesome food on the table and remarkable company to celebrate everyday's little joy.

1) Once mummy added grated sweet corn into fried rice for a new twist, and my maid decided to follow suit. 

2) Popiah aka Teow Chew style fresh spring roll.


Ingredients such as shredded cucumber, lettuce, pan fried crispy eggs and tofu to go with these popiah skins.

3) Modified (and made better) Hokkien Mee... with a side of chips

4) Fusion Breakfast: Pizza (Western), and vermicelli (Asian).

We don't discriminate. Ha ha.

5) This was our first dinner upon touching down in Malaysia! 


6) Whenever lunch invites my favourite stir fry cabbage and black fungus... Swoon.

My helper knows I adore this and would often put many handfuls of fungus when cooking. Mum also adds it in almost every dish except desserts.

7) Home sprouted (yes home sprouted- a tip we secured from ER's mum while in Melbourne- thank you Auntie KG) bean sprouts and firm tofu.

Delightfully crunchy.

8) All the bowls of soup I slurp up zestfully. 

This was lotus, carrot and peanut pork rib soup.

9) Colourful breakfast.

Those persistent fingers were not part of our breakfast...

10) Dinners delightfully packed with greens.

"Eat your greens", my mama would say when we were young as we watched her shove a huge pile of greens onto her plate.

Best role model. I've always vehemently believe that parents play a crucial role in educating their children and setting a good example is one of the key ways to teaching them the good habits to pick up.

Thank you dad and mum. 

11) Some days call for good ol' al dente Angel Hair and tomato sauce. 

Meat was omitted and the protein aspect was made up with vegetarian patties.  

12) Local delicacies made heartier and more natural!

I'd cheerfully trade cloyingly sweet British cookies and cakes for local desserts like these.

(Except Scottish shortbread. That I'm afraid I will hold onto a bit more devotedly)

Kuih Ketayap! Featured here.

13) Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake)!

Small round or oval shaped Chinese pastry with soft sticky glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling in the centre. 

Featured here.

My memory of these Chinese oval shaped pastry is my maternal grandma making these in the kitchen, sitting on a small stool to ease her aching back, her dainty, delicate fingers cleverly wrapping the sweet filling with a glutinous rice skin, thus forming these babies.

14) Homemade Bubur Chacha (yam & green beans & sweet potatoes dessert stew) tasted better than it looks, I promise.

Featured here, too.

15) Coated with a delicious crunchy golden batter, these banana fritters shout to be bitten into.

16) Tropical fruits. YES.

Would blissfully exchange ice-cream for these tasty homegrown fruits.

I love taking my own sweet time to bite into the seeds and grind it with my teeth.

Though I always joke my stomach is so sour-fied it's going to corrode within.

18) Delicious, fluffy, hearty, seedy, nutty homemade bread.


I forgot how much I clearly adore our homemade bread, despite its non competitive looks. Nothing beats homemade bread.

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