Monday, 7 December 2015

Zen turns 20!

Can you guess what we were up to last night?

(The title speaks it all actually hahaha but just play along with me okay!)

A birthday surprise!!!

Specially for...

A darling friend from high school whom I've kept close touch with after graduation!

Blurry pic but still thankful for it nevertheless. Sweet, sweet Jeanne couldn't stand looking at the way I fumbled with my phone (short fingers meant increased insecurity when taking selfies) of fear of dropping the phone so she swiftly helped me out!

The group who crashed Epicuro.

It started out a large group which diminished quickly because a few of them had finals the next day!!!

I'm glad the birthday girl seemed delightfully overwhelmed by the surprise!!!

In addition to our combined card I also made a card specially for her, which was done in quite a hurry but I sincerely hope she likes it!!!

Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive friend, who listens and never judge, who laughs at my lame jokes and let me lean on you (albeit being so petite and dainty and tiny as you can see!! Well I didn't mean leaning in the literal sense at least) whenever I need a shoulder to turn to.

Happy splendid 20th once again!

I appreciate our friendship.

Best wishes, Zenny Zen.

Love, Junny Jun. 

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