Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Saturday Bakery

This morning we clocked in a swim followed by Wanton Mee. 

Delicious and filling as usual.

Later in the morning as I was cooped up in Sean's bedroom, Ken came marching in announcing: "Mum is making these seriously fancy looking bread."

Didn't take me 5 seconds to hop myself off the bed and race downstairs.

Close up shot featuring the garlic butter mint (freshly minced from our backyard) rolls which were incredibly fluffy Ken couldn't stop raving about it.

I'm in ecstasy from my decision to tear away from the radiation emitting laptop and bond with mum via such a precious baking session.

Mum was adamant about making these because she had our Neighbour on the opposite road, Mr and Mrs Lim to give some to.

Nicely arranged on a plate, I put on my brasserie (hahahaha TMI!) and brought it over. They were both out, luckily the daughter was in!

Can you guess which ones were the ones I shaped? 

Hint: I don't do conventional styles. 

Second batch was less pleasing to the eyes but nevertheless chock-full of nuts and seeds just the way I like it.

In fact I had just one in lieu of lunch because we were all full from the heavy and substantial breakfast.

I spent the afternoon napping and thankfully mum woke me up to have late lunch/ early dinner together with the family.

We narrowed our options to Western food (Black Market) and Japanese food (Sushi Tei). 

Obviously from the pictures, we picked the latter. Except it wasn't at Sushi Tei but another Japanese restaurant which name I can't commit to memory. They're all outlets at Setia Walk, Puchong, though.

It was meant to be shared- this platter of eel centered sushi's- but I ended up gobbling 95% of it in the end because the rest of my family had ordered other dishes on the menu.

It was difficult trying to stop devouring this plate of crunchy, fresh, salty edamame goodness!

This was brother's Unagi bento.

Ooh I really don't mind having this again soon. But not too soon perhaps, giving my stomach a break haha.

Salmon head. The bomb dot com. We all agreed the quality of this dish was the finest we've tasted among all the times we've ordered it.

If ever we return, this will be the decisive factor!

Dad's Salmon bento.

All in all, a good day!

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