Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Something 'Bout Dining by the Lake...

When at home, take advantage of tropical fruits! 

Home grown ciku, dragon fruits, apples and persimmons.

(Although Apple isn't a tropical fruit.) 

We all woke up before 6 a.m. today (including Sean who hasn't seen the sunrise since months ago hahaha).

We were to send Sean off for his first driving lesson. Well actually just to listen to the compulsory talks, but still, exciting! 

My little brother all grown up. 

Because he requested, so it was delivered. 

AKA Korean instant noodles. 

Mum was saying she wasn't going to buy anymore instant noodles for Sean because of its unhealthy content but Sean worked up a sad frown and my heart instantly went out for him. He's really my heart walking outside of my body. 

Home grown as well! 

I promise we don't own an orchard hahaha. We just really like to have our fruits organic and natural and accessible!

Going out to dinner in a bit.
Love the blue skies, the light breeze which comes with a hint of sweet scent from the plants grown at the garden.
This pair of red shoes. The right shoe was split and I was upset because it's my only pair of non-sports shoes, non-sandals kind of casual/ semi-formal shoes, and because of my flat feet I was highly advised against high heels. 

I grumbled to mama about it though in mind had plans to get it glued ASAP. 

The next day I realised mama had fixed it for me! Super touched because she hadn't had to do it for me but she did despite her busy schedule.

Thank you mummy! I love you! 

I'm incredibly fortunate to have you as my mother.
We dined at Crocodile Farm. Contrary to its name, it does NOT sell alligator meat nor were there crocodiles to be seen. 
Started off with Appetiser. Rojak.
The usual suspects: Peanuts.
Gorgeous view. 
I looked as though I was coerced into putting up a smile. Noooo. Trust me I was genuinely elated to be with my family.
Ooh and I finally got to wear a piece of clothing (ie the laced dress) apart from my daily baggy T-shirt and loose fitting shorts. I practically live in those. Comfort > _____. 

Dressing up is an instant mood lifter but to strip your undergarments/ fitting clothes after a long day out (or even a few hours) can also be unbelievably soothing and refreshing. 

Can anyone relate or is it just me?

We were being captured against the sunlight, hence the darkness.

Tried using a filter to brighten it, but this is the best I could do. 

Then the dishes were presented. 

Stir fry Kai Lan.

Fried tofu.

Crispy chicken! 


Don't the dishes look presentable and appealing? 

Eager look in Sean's face.

These racks of lamb ribs were finger licking good.

Impressively tender, juicy, and the melt in my mouth sensation, performing this thing I believe to be magic because it was SOOO good we had to exercise self control to not lick the plate clean. 

We couldn't stop sticking thumbs up for this dish. It was excellently prepared.

Crab vermicelli.

Happiness is...

Enjoying a meal together with your family.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Pippin' hot.

Despite fatigue being the order of the day, Mama just reflected so much sincerity in making these pau's all by herself and I'm thoroughly impressed by how her delicate and dainty fingers moved so swiftly and magically around the dough. 

The middle one- notice it's precisely tiny because mama's cute like that.

This is pre steaming! 

Post steaming. The two types of fillings were red beans and peanut + vegetable and 虾米. 

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Party hoppin'

David and Violet's baby, Jerome's 1st birthday part has been highly anticipated since Mum passed on the news that we were invited to attend it. 

Have not gotten to see Baby Jerome face-to-face (only via Facebook which doesn't satisfy my hunger for cute babies to hold and touch and smother with kisses hahahaha why did I make myself sound so freaky I promise I'm normal), not forgetting Uncle Ong and Violet Jie Jie and their entire extended family whom we are blessed to have known, Uncle Ong arguably watched us grow up from these innocent, carefree little children to the young adults we are today! 

The car journey to the restaurant was filled with endless chatters propelled with the loudest voices, I remained contented, soaking up all the mirth and togetherness. 

This is the restaurant where the party was held!

I'm far from being skillful in photography so kindly forgive my mediocre pictures which probably don't do the food justice. 

The array of food looked fantastic, and tasted better than it looked! Apologies for the bad lighting, I could have angled the phone better but then: FOOD. Hahahaha. Priorities.

The almond flakes crusted fish fillet has GOT to be my favourite. Delicious!!! I had seconds.

The host was certainly considerate to consider the vegetarians guests. 

I didn't pounce on the sausage as I am not a big fan of meat BUT the one in the middle- bacon wrapped in flaky buttery pastry won my heart. I enjoyed it so much I had seconds of it too. Except I was nearly exploding as I had it so the first time I tasted it was comparably yummier.

Check out the crowd! I was pleased to see so many people turn up. The host evidently put in a lot of effort to decorate the restaurant with balloons and banners, as well as took care of the needs of the guests.

I surely hope all our presence graced their precisely and carefully planned party.

I had the fruits, I was so satisfied I decided to turn down the log cake (Who am I? I am not one to refuse desserts). Although it looked incredible and my brothers fought over it. Hahahahaha.

My first round! I didn't eat the pork belly (the round thing) because I felt full just looking at it hahaha so I offered mine to Ken who happily devoured it.

My second round or so, if not mistaken. I don't recall myself making more than two trips haha so that should have concluded my delightful lunch.

From his plate you can tell Sean was obviously steering clear from anything green.

He did make up the veggie compartment the second round. 

Does this delectable looking cake not put you into the festive mood? 

Something must have captured Sean's attention.

Dad on the other hand... In the midst of chewing his food. A little serious looking though. 

Two of my favourite people in the whole wide world.

Wait Jie, still chewing. 

Now, now, where's the adorable birthday boy we've all been looking forward to see? 

He's SOOO adorable I had to suppress my urge to hug him and plant 101839202 kisses on his cheeks. 

That was Uncle Ong carrying him dutifully, aka uncle to Violet.

His chubby little feet vigorously kicking Sean's arm.

That gleaming look of determination to reach for my brother's shoulder shone in his round eyes. Hahahaha. TOO CUTE.

We sang a birthday song for Jerome, took pictures with the birthday boy, and left with these catchy Mickey/ Minnie Mouse shaped cookies.  

The papa.

The duo.

I love you dad.

Us 4 + the friend for more than 10 years, Eik Ren.

Mum and Violet joined the group photo. Let you in on some background stories: Violet used to work for mum as her personal assistant, and she resigned after she decided to rest thoroughly in order to conceive for a baby. Mum was also responsible as the matchmaker of the pair! She introduced David to Violet, and the rest is history. 

And finally, our complete family of five.

I look funny. Hehe.

Thank you David and Violet for inviting us to such a meaningful, fruitful birthday party! Appreciate you letting us to be a part of your precious son's 1st birthday celebration. We enjoyed the food tremendously we are sure we wouldn't stop raving about it even years to come. On behalf of the Khor family, wishing baby Jerome to grow up to be a filial, intelligent, healthy and happy boy!