Sunday, 6 September 2015

Into the woods.

Let's talk hiking today.

The kinds of hiking I've done in the past few years were last year's episode of hiking Broga Hill with my friends, Han Qin and Jeanne, where we started at the wee hours and used a moderate amount of time to reach the peak given the short 400 m height. 

Another hike was easily 4 years back- hiking Cameron Hill with my family on a mission to look at the largest flower on earth- the Rafflesia

It was on a rainy, muddy, gloomy day and I slipped countless times throughout the journey. We wore boots which we hunted for the day before the hike, yet couldn't fight the slippery ground. 

I remember feeling like a free man as we reached the bottom where freezing, icy water fresh from the mountains was available for rinsing the yucky filth and dirt off our bodies. 

Not the best hiking experience to date, but I still find myself reminiscing those good ol' days! 

Because I got to date Mother Nature and my loved ones at the same time. Sah-weeeet!

My Dad convinced the family to go hiking at Nuang Mountain on a beautiful, radiant, sunny Saturday. 

I was hesitant because of the weight I've put on, for fear it would slow the others down, though my family recognised I did spend Summer watching my diet and keeping as active as I could.

"We'll sweat profusely." I remember how my mum chimed in, "Dad says this is going to be easier than Gunung Datuk, we can give it a go."

Fast forward to the verdict: My muscles ached for the next three days. I would crawl, and wobble. Landing my feet on the floor was avoidable whenever possible.

Much to my enormous dismay, one of my favourite activities come with a heavy price. 

Hiking aggravated my hurtful knee immensely.

I've had to spend my precious Summer going to the hospital 6 times for the physiotherapy session, and am bound to return for my second appointment with Dr Lee tomorrow. I pray all my knee needs is time, and a surgery is NOT on the waiting list. 

Icing on a cake- I mean- Knee...

I was so afraid of slipping. Credits to brother for capturing these pictures!

Oh hi!

Risked my life for these pics...

The pathway, made up of soil and dirt are littered with random, oddly shaped rocks.


We stomped against the fallen leaves from the rustling breeze, creating a crisp, crunching sound. 

The ground, marginally moist from the drizzle the night before, threatened my feet to grip tightly through the shoes.

Campers at camp sites.

The hero is back.

I yearn to keep moving because the world has so much to show. 

With hiking partners like these...

I found my jaw sore from grinning too hard. (A good kind of sore)

The road less taken.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly calm and inviting water.

It was dangerously slippery. 

Step by step.

What caught your eyes?

Pausing for a snack.

I was so engrossed capturing pictures that I walked into the tree trunk. 

Chasing after the brother wailing of the bump on my forehead.

Food after a long hike was necessary.

Salt-crusted fish.

Highly recommended after a hike because hunger fuels the yummy factor.

From these pictures we learn: Good food doesn't come easily.

Sometimes, it involves a boat. 

Dinner by the lake is always an A in the book. 

The best kind of company.


Seriously- this outfit- and that hiking stick- my mum makes me smile and laugh so much. 

I adore my mum!

Mum hiked down at one point. 

Dad and Ken watching mum's back (literally). 

Making sure mum goes down safely. 

Dad gently reminded it was going to get steeper and mum decided it's best for everyone to make her way down when the rest of us children stubbornly insisted we could keep up with dad's footsteps. 

Result: We couldn't.

We hiked from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.. 

By the time we made the trip back, my legs were screaming of fatigue and my knees screeching from agony. 

The harsh pangs of fierce, violent, piercing pain were like burning fire on my already deeply wounded flesh. I would shriek if it would lessen my torment any further- unfortunately the acute twinge was there to discomfort my hiking experience.

In a nutshell, despite the unfortunate injury, the four of us left Nuang Mountain feeling rejuvenated,  incredibly excited and awakened for our next adventure of hiking, ready to create another superb memory of a magnificent course with our Great Mother.

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