Saturday, 12 September 2015


1) Home has been spectacular


Would you like to picture me shouting at the mountains and the echos returning because I'm dramatic like that...

2) Breakfasts at the deck with my family.

3) Indulging in books written by some of my favourite authors.

Dad and brother buy the books and I read them. Mama's friend, Aunt Susan and Uncle Alan gifted us more a few years back and I've been treasuring their generosity. Danielle Steel, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon... just about these. No need to cover all genres, just a couple of marvelous authors wins my heart. 

4) Not having to worry about speed cycling to university and meetings. 

Preferentially, my snail speed cycling within the neighbourhood instead of pedaling until I'm out of breath going uphill, has been cycling.

5) Enjoying the occasional breeze.

It injects a cold air in the midst of the scorching weather...

Looking upon the blue skies, the beautiful clouds dancing, the flock of birds returning to their nests, the gentle breeze, the faithful greenery, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness and tremendous love for Mother Nature, for my beloved parents.

6) Learning to drive.

For real. 

For years I've obtained my driving license, but I haven't properly driven to anywhere else apart from the wet market, Giant, and the clubhouse. My parents were gradually less protective, yet I couldn't master the courage to be control of the car. My poor sense of direction doesn't help. With that, one of my goals in 2016 is to practise driving more often. 

I pounced on the opportunity to drive to KLIA 2 with mama's assistance to pick up Sean! 

Having his flight delayed for 2 hours, he didn't make a fuss about it (so proud of ma bro) though he told us when in the car that an old lady was complaining out loud about the delay as she was catching the flight for a transit purpose, and the staffs/ passengers called her 'bising' (which means noisy/ boisterous).

Life is as such! Not what challenges we face, but how we face challenges.

Cliche, yes, I'm still learning too.

Since mama was waiting in the car, I went down and hunt for Sean. I wandered around and my eyes lit up when I saw Jaya Grocery. YES. *fist pump 

I love browsing the fresh products. What a weird obsession. It used to be an unhealthy obsession during the eating disorder period, but I can safely say I'm past that phase. 

Now I find browsing food in the supermarket one of the most entertaining ways to make time fly by, while not getting judged whether or not you're here as a customer or just a bored youth trying to kill time.

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