Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life and Relationships.

Life has its up's and down's, has its down moments, has its happy moments. Some days you feel like giving up, some days you feel like there's still hope. Some days you meet some challenges and you stumble, some days you overcome the obstacles and you endure. 

So when you're hurting and you're sad, don't forget that there are people who care for you. There are people who love you. Give them the chance to show you.

This afternoon I Skyped mum (that's brother and mum in the screen) and felt a million times better. 

Well, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I felt better, happier, lighter.

Owing to the fact that I had brother to accompany me as well, of course. I'm leaving in a few more days and I'm upset. 

But not going to dwell in the sorrow for long as well because I have to get back to reality too aka prepare for exam. 

Later on we had an extremely late meal at 4 p.m.+ owing to the fact that his housemates were chatting in the kitchen and it was inconvenient for both them and bro and me to cook then. 

It was delicious. The veggies, the (albeit burnt) chicken and potatoes to pair with rice. 

We also cooked a peppery pork ribs + Chinese cabbage soup that I've been unable to shut up about talking about since Yong Qi offered me the bowl of soup the night when I arrived (Thanks Qi).

It was tasty, though, if I may say so.

Let me share with you a message from my dearest Mama. 开导我。我也开窍了。

"哥哥剛才开心的跟妈妈说做得最对的事就是生了一个妹妹给他。有一天如果因为你而不开心时,哥哥都不可以说妈妈生错了妹妹给他。将来你长大了,夫妻倆有多么多的磨擦都不可以提离緍。除非真的没有爱。情侶之间不管有多少吵吵闹闹都不可以提分手。除非不爱对方了。哈哈妈妈生爸爸的气时都会说不爱他了。说了好多好多次。但是男生都知道女孩说不爱就是爱。Remember what Kor told us before? When men meet each other, they insult each other, but they don't mean it. When women see each other , they compliment each other, but they don't mean it either. Ha ha. 这就是女孩子,妈妈可以说千百次不爱爸爸;但是爸爸都不可以说一次,真的说了,可就天下大乱了。后果真是不勘设想。🌔🌓🌒🌑🌚。但是,生错、分手、离婚这么恐怖的话就不可以说。哈哈,妈妈今晚好像特别有感触,都是因为 Daddy 去了太多天东马。Since Sunday till now. Luckily he will be back tomorrow. Thank god."

~End of message from mummy to me~

Hahaha mummy is so wise, so sweet, so cute.

We still have a long journey to go. Dad having gone through such stages often share his experiences with me. He doesn't comment much whenever I raise a topic concerning relationships. His words to me are practical and basically draws me into reality because life is hard and hard times challenge people, challenge minds, challenge relationships. 

Whenever I tell him how I wish my other half would do this and that, or that I think relationships are difficult to handle, he would tell me:

A relationship is like a marathon. You don't use a 100m race kind of speed to race to the end because you physically and mentally cannot keep up with it. You don't give up half way and pull out because you're hurting. 

You go hand in hand together and you must always remember why you started it in the first place, and envision the future of your partner and you.

If it doesn't work out, you let go with an open heart and open mind. But you must first try, and never give up easily.