Thursday, 15 January 2015


Just Skyped mama! Happy me is happy. She's my best friend, whom I trust and love most. 



I feel so happy and uplifted each time I talk to her. There may be the sense of expectations from her in order for me to do better (but she only wants me to be happy most importantly). I never feel pressured in any ways when I talk to her- I can be myself- I don't have to feel like I'm forced to say or do something in order to please her. And I love that about family. About her.

The fact that she told me she felt lonely made me sad- so I immediately did what I could.

And ended up talking for so long cos I feel like I finally have someone whom I can pour my heart out to.

And you know what- it made me so feel much better! I love my mum. ❤💕

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