Saturday, 25 October 2014

Let the Wings Spread.

It's been a month plus since I came to the UK, and boy, is life here way beyond my wildest imagination. 

I've never been away from home for this long (Even vacations with the family have never been so long as well!). 

It's crazy! 

I can't believe all these weeks have just flown by. It felt like I've only been here a while. I guess that's why my bro firmly believes on "pain is temporary, success/ satisfaction/ (inserts whatever positive term) is forever."

The past several weeks haven't been exactly bad or downright depressing. There were darn good days as well, and really fun times with my dearest friends whom I'm so fortunate to have met and known here. 

There are so many I want to document... And this is only the beginning! 

I don't even know how to get started. The last few weeks in Malaysia was rather chaotic. I think deep down inside my heart I hear voices telling me to stay. And so, I kept trying to put packing off. 

I just didn't like the idea of the reality hitting me so soon. Nevertheless, time flies. 

Not long later, I found myself bidding my beloved family and friends goodbye at the airport, boarding the plane, and setting foot into a completely foreign country. 

When the #YOLO badminton group (ha ha what a name) heard the news from me, they were shocked- they would have expected an earlier notice (and so would I but... life). Despite my effort in persuading them not to come send me off because the idea of my departure troubling them made me feel bad, they assured me that they wanted to be there. I was, and still am incredibly touched by their sincerity. They are my sweet, sweet blessings in life. 

My parents, my brother Ken, and my friends came to send me off at the KLIA. 

My beautiful mother.

Papa, mama sandwiching (not-so) little Jun!

Ken who flew 2 days after I did. 

Daddy. I miss all those badminton sessions with him!

Due to some miscommunications (my bad, sorry!), my friends were late. 

I was upset at myself for not informing them well (it was an unintentional mistake) and was fretful at the thought that they could be putting their lives in danger rushing to the airport just so they were in time to see me before I enter the departure gate. 

I prayed they were going to be safe.

My prayers worked! 

Finally they made it. I was SO excited to see them.

Their presence was the merriest gift ever, but these incredible people surprised me with another gift and handmade card (I make cards for my loved ones so I know how much effort and time were needed to make this! I have THE most amazing friends!!!) to bring with me.

I could hardly hold back my tears. 

Handmade anything is the 🔑 to my ❤.

I was more surprised than anything- I didn't expect any gifts because as cliche as it may sound, our friendship truly is the most precious present I would ever ask for.

Thank you to my brother who was the camera man behind these candids. Cutie pie Zenny Zen. 

Here I was trying to fit in all the stuffs my wonderful friends gifted me into my already-stuffed-to-the-brim laptop bag. 

Thank you for holding up with the weight, baggy. And thank you dear friends who put in heaps of effort and time and money into getting me the gift (a lovely scarf that I adore to the core!!) and making me the card. It's absolutely beautiful and fashionable and keeps me warm in the cold. How thoughtful and genuine these people are. Oh I love you. 

Jeanne looked confused in the below picture. SO CUTE hor? :D

At the corner, my mum was helping me pack the presents into the luggage (I was sure-enough afraid it might burst because the bag was stuffed to the brim!).

I was on the phone calling the boys to check if they could find us (they were parking the car, the girls rushed to look for me to hand me the present and card out of fear that they couldn't make it in time. 

Gosh just typing this brings tears to my eyes. 

I'm definitely blessed to have these awesome people to call friends).

We were certainly not fit to be One Direction. Ha ha, get it?

(I'm so lame hehe)

(Please tell me you get it though otherwise allow me to explain!)

The boys arrived shortly. I was delightfully stunned when Han Qin handed me a gift. Unbelievable. I was lost for words. My heart was exploding with joy and gratitude. I wanted to hug him and the rest of them so hard and so long so that they feel my love for them.

Zen: “拍照拍照,快点快点,Wei Jun 要进去了!”

[Translated]: "Take pictures, take pictures, hurry, hurry, Wei Jun is going to enter soon!"

Hahahaha... my friends are adorable...

In my hands, were Han Qin's beautifully wrapped gift.

The clarity of the picture below amazes me.

(Note my heavy sarcasm)

Much better!

Jeanne: “喂,不要拍脚,才看到好像我们一样高。”

Ken: “哎哟,没有用的啦,谁都看得出你们比较矮。”



Jeanne: "Wei, don't take pictures of our legs, that way only we would appear the same height."
Ken: "Aiyo, it's pointless, everyone can tell you guys are shorter."


Although one would beg to differ with my brother, after seeing this picture. Can't tell that the girls were standing on the rail, right? 

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