Tuesday, 11 November 2014

(Furiously) rolling routine.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, I definitely have way too many long over due posts, but for now, a short update will have to suffice!

I haven't had much time to properly recap the events and happenings lately, but those who follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would know roughly what I've been up to.

Apart from complaining about the terribly cold weather, watching an alarming amount of modern family, surfing the net like it's my job, surviving on ludicrously little sleep, and eating way too much food than I ought to, I promise I've been involving myself with activities- going for netball practices (if I weren't part of the Nottingham Malaysian Games I would've been selected for the team nevertheless, I am thankful for the netball teammates), being the 1st year rep for the Nottingham Malaysian Society (which trust me, is no joke when it comes to meeting- I easily spend 1/3 of my day just attending meetings say whaaaaat?!), going for swims during the weekends (I just love swimming- it's my most effective stress-reliever and a great 'me' time to have), attending yoga sessions (which makes me miss my yoga instructors so much!! Hello Vivian! Mish you!!) and although I have missed a few lectures due to valid reasons, I am glad to announce that I no longer hate lectures like I used to in the first 2 weeks or so. :)

I am concerned that my sleeping pattern is off balance- I desperately need to work on it. but tonight, I just feel like returning to this little corner of the blogworld, and if any out there is still reading, say hi!!! I could use a little greetings! :D

It's the mid weeks! Wishing everyone a great week ahead! :)


  1. Surfing the net like my job.. i know that... this is the time of slack mode which u eish things could just get it done themselves. On a side note, its cold and under the blanket its warm, so yea, legit reason to not do anything... haha ;D