Tuesday, 11 November 2014

(Furiously) rolling routine.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, I definitely have way too many long over due posts, but for now, a short update will have to suffice!

I haven't had much time to properly recap the events and happenings lately, but those who follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would know roughly what I've been up to.

Apart from complaining about the terribly cold weather, watching an alarming amount of modern family, surfing the net like it's my job, surviving on ludicrously little sleep, and eating way too much food than I ought to, I promise I've been involving myself with activities- going for netball practices (if I weren't part of the Nottingham Malaysian Games I would've been selected for the team nevertheless, I am thankful for the netball teammates), being the 1st year rep for the Nottingham Malaysian Society (which trust me, is no joke when it comes to meeting- I easily spend 1/3 of my day just attending meetings say whaaaaat?!), going for swims during the weekends (I just love swimming- it's my most effective stress-reliever and a great 'me' time to have), attending yoga sessions (which makes me miss my yoga instructors so much!! Hello Vivian! Mish you!!) and although I have missed a few lectures due to valid reasons, I am glad to announce that I no longer hate lectures like I used to in the first 2 weeks or so. :)

I am concerned that my sleeping pattern is off balance- I desperately need to work on it. but tonight, I just feel like returning to this little corner of the blogworld, and if any out there is still reading, say hi!!! I could use a little greetings! :D

It's the mid weeks! Wishing everyone a great week ahead! :)


Missing the parents especially much tonight. I remember one night when I Skyped mum, she told me that she noticed dad would occasionally stare at the empty seat where I would sit down and do my revision during those crucial, challenging months of preparing for A2 exams... as though I'd magically appear.

I laughed it off, but deep inside I was so touched and sad at the same time. I miss my parents so much. Particularly when reminded of the last few months I got to spend with them in Msia before I left for the UK.

I miss going on walks with mum. I really miss being able to share everything and anything (well maybe not everything but 90% of my life really) with her. I miss playing badminton with daddy. I miss seeing him arranging the files in the office, and then when I call out to him, "Dad, time for badminton!", he would look up at me and replied tenderly, "Okay, let me go change." And then when k got better in driving I would offer to drive him to the clubhouse.
He would point out my mistakes- depending on situations, he usually gently yet firmly explains to me... But when I would (very rarely and obviously unintentionally) give him the shock(s) of his life on the road, he'd be stern and furious toward me... and it's totally understandable. Sorry to put you through all the dangerous situations, daddy! Safe to say I am apologising in advance because when I return to my home country chances are... I will be learning from scratch once again? Hmm... We'll see. 
Life goes on... We shall not dwell on the past instead look forward! 
Last night though, because my flatmate threw an open party inviting every human being on earth to the party, it was a colossal mess in our flat. 
People were everywhere- the corridor was packed with strangers, spitting the f word ever 3 seconds like it were their jobs. And all that blasting of music and shouting .... I was on the verge of breaking into tears.
Finally I did tear up, because I was hungry (hadn't eaten since 3 p.m. then) and tired (meeting for 4 hours+ was madness) and awfully disturbed.

I told my mum, who happened to WhatsApp me telling me to sleep earlier, and I told her I desperately wanted to unfortunately couldn't given the circumstances.

Mum definitely did her best to console me, asking me if I had wanted to video call her so that she can calm me down... But I just told her that I'd be fine... Although I only cried harder.

At last the noise subsided because praise the person who submitted the complaint (still no idea who told the security but so grateful), the security came to our flat and carried out what was necessary to make the unwanted people leave. 

I went to the terribly messy kitchen and cooked myself a meal, did a bit more work on the laptop and called it a day.