Monday, 1 September 2014

Farewell, Leland!

Somewhere in between the ELF till 16th August, I was doing the usual stuff, which translates into running errands, researching, checking and replying emails, mostly at home, except for once when I played tennis with the Leland, Han Qin and Eik Ren at the clubhouse, which was highly appreciated as it brought my mind off a lot of frustrating things that time.

I also got terribly sunburn that time, which reminded me why I had quit tennis. Actually that wasn't the reason at all, frankly I enjoyed the lessons however was not determined enough to continue also because all that traveling was extremely time consuming for when I was sitting for SPM. Nevertheless, I had fun playing with the boys. Fairly impressive as first-timers, you guys!

Take back to 16 August!

We had a farewell party for none other than our dearest friend, Leland who was leaving for the US on the 17th August.  

Chin Siang graciously offered to be the host, and I'm truthfully grateful for that. My mum has hosted the Chinese New Year family gatherings at our house for 5 consecutive years ever since we moved into our new house, and I know how much work it involves- even if it's simply the bare minimum, there are plenty of aspects to take care of and I truly appreciate Chin Siang's generosity and courtesy in handling the hosting so well. Please, Chin Siang, if you're reading this, thank you and please thank your parents and sister on my behalf!

How bonhomous of a host Chin Siang was, allow me to describe further. Smile

Chin Siang initiated to pick Yu En and I to his house, but before that we waited at a restaurant, Mr. Roti Canai for the others to arrive in Han Qin's car.

We reached to find that they weren't going to arrive anytime soon, and I, as usual, on top of my 'don't-let's-waste-time' theory backed up with the whipping out of my mobile phone from my purse declared, "Selfie, guys, selfie!"

Chin Siang and Yu En, the two love birds (hahaha jokes- I will be scarily responsible for anything that comes afterwards if I don't clarify this) deliberately ignored me and chose to continue sitting in the car, motionless. Being the hyperactive person I am, I hopped out of the car and started taking pictures. But I was quick to realise there wasn't any fun doing so without my friends! So I coaxed them into joining me. At last, the two pals (do people say that anymore?) decided that better three than one look embarassing out there and adhere to my wish. Smile with tongue out

Yu En asked if we wanted to pop by her house and I said hands down yes! Rather than uttering a light okay to express my desire, I had to jump and shake her hand and practically screamed yes. I'm not sure if my friends secretly find me abashing. They probably do, either way thank you for accepting my quirks and craziness and still be friends with me. *wipe tears out of being touched

That's what friends are for, right? Open-mouthed smile *flutter eyelashes Smile with tongue out

Mr. Roti Canai is a 3 minutes walk away from Yu En's house and I was more than gleeful to head there alongside my two sidekicks.

We said hi to Yu En's mum, who was in the car at her house compound, and went inside. It looked modern and contemporary, while not compromising the comfort and coziness. I got excited and instantaneously turned to Yu En and shrieked, "Oh my gosh, I wanna see more of it!!! Can I stay overnight? I love your house!!!" There's no questioning if her mum heard me from outside the house. Smile with tongue out

I wanted to take a couple more pictures, just then, Chin Siang's phone rung. The rest have arrived! We quickly returned to Chin Siang's car and headed to his house.

Foursome. Hehe. Missing Suezen! 

Upon arriving, we set up the table, and placed the food and drinks we brought.


Everyone made a wonderful contribution to our theme of farewell: potluck dinner! Open-mouthed smile

Poor Jeanne didn't have a proper lunch and her stomach was grumbling then so we hurriedly dug into the delicious feast! 

Chin Siang's sister also made a special pizza. How special? She used white rice as the substitute base for the usual dough pizza crust. A unique twist to its taste and texture, I must say. Smile --> picture reference: right side of picture below

After dinner, it was the supposedly long awaited karaoke session we previously got all hyped and juiced up about when discussing at the Whatsapp group. 

Leland being super sporting, grabbed the microphone and kick started the karaoke session. The boys sat on the couch and watch, Jeanne and Yu En took slightly longer to warm up to all that singing because they were clearly comfortable with the 'girls-talk' time. Open-mouthed smile

(Yes I cropped half my face out because I wanted the girls' faces to fit- girls, I don't usually do that so you know how much you mean to me- you're welcome) 

Somewhere around the 4th or 5th song, Wen Qi and I set out to drag-literally- Yu En and Jeanne to join us. I could definitely relate to the feeling of being shy especially when singing in front of audience is not something we do on a daily basis. But eventually Wen Qi and I sung, and the girls started opening up. The boys were free and amusing and jaunty, I absolutely adored the atmosphere. Smile

We laughed, we sang, we chatted. I was having such a great time- I could have hugged everyone of them there without the awkwardness from myself because I love people who can make me forget about my troubles. They're the best kinds.

What better way to rest our throats and double the enjoyment by playing Truth or Dare?

I will walk you through with the pictures. 

Jeanne: "Rest your hands lah, Leland."


Han Qin at the back: "I like where this is going."


Jeanne: "There, there, much better."

Han Qin was supposed to reenact a romantic couple scene where the male would lightly kiss the female's hair, as proposed by Yu En.

Looking more like an elderly offering blessings to his disciple. Hahahahaha...

Chin Siang clearly drowned in love. Smile with tongue out

Lucky Leland! 

Leland: "Too close too close!


Concluding the post with one of my Facebook posts that night:

Splendid night with you guys, absolutely delicious food to savour as well! Incredibly thankful that we've had the chance to cross each other's paths and be friends. We're all growing up and separation seems inevitable- I pray that wherever we are, and whatever we do, we will achieve our dreams and goals.  I will be thinking of each and everyone of you, and wishing the best to you.

Here's to wishing that the first among our group to study abroad will take very good care of yourself and make the most out of your time in the US. You're going to do great, Leland. We love you, Leland.   

I'd like to add that Leland has been doing well in the states. At least, judging from the pictures, we are assuming he's being surrounded by tons of hot cheerleaders so he should be on cloud nine. I KID I KID. Leland is playing hard, but also working hard for his future and we as friends are damn proud of you. Leland, if you're reading this (you better be, hahahaha), take care dear friend. Smile always, and update us whenever you can!