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I know I had promised in my previous post to blog about my 7-day stay in Penang however I was scrolling through my camera roll and know that I cannot miss out on recapping this event before moving on to the trip.

Another month of the year has drawn its curtains once again.  

Can't fathom how fast time flies! 

Hear me out though: I loved July. As much as it has been packed and hectic, it has also been fruitful and absolutely worth remembering.

I initially wanted to do the simplest version of my love's birthday recap. Faithful readers would know how long I can write, you probably want to grab a bag of chips and the health conscious ones- can squeeze in at least 100 abdominal works in between. 

Because although I may enjoy writing these long posts, it does take a lot of thinking and energy and time to put out posts like these. What may seem like a post done in 10 minutes will take me 10 hours to complete (probably only my case since other bloggers I know are much efficient). 

But that's the way I write. Taking my time to properly recall back so that I don't leave out even the tiniest details. While I may intentionally exclude some parts, due to privacy purposes, I make sure to share with my readers whatever I feel comfortable with doing so. Open-mouthed smile

July 25th is my dearest's 19th birthday, and I had plans to- within my capability- make it as memorable as it can for him.

So handsome. I melt. Smile Red heart

I had the idea of making a birthday card for him, compiling all the messages from his friends all over the country (literally). Boy did I struggle. Sure I've heard of a couple of names that he has spoken of, however I didn't have the chance to personally know or approach them- so that leaves me in a considerably awkward position. 

But I convinced myself that my Facebook profile picture doesn't look like a stalker (I approached most of them via FB, only a handful using whatsapp) and sent messages to them in the most normal and fairly formal way possible. Didn't want to scare them off! I tend to get overly excited and amiable when it comes to messages and okay I admit in real life as well.

When I was talking to a friend of mine, by the name of Yi Jing, she assumed I had wanted to make a video for him, and that struck a thought in my head. Yes, a video, why hadn't I think of that? 

Thank you Yi Jing, for inspiring the video.

Then I was thinking, "Yikes, these people barely know me and I'm going to get them to send me videos of themselves as well?!". So I had to rephrase my message, and send out additional requests of filming videos to the ones whose messages on card wishes have been received. 

Most of them responded enthusiastically. And it warmed my heart. I didn't expect them to include the relationship aspect in their messages as well (I merely read the messages briefly because I wasn't sure if they'd want me to read it) but out of politeness or pure and authentic intention- a few did and it was joyous to read. 

Some of them didn't seem to check FB (in a way I applaud these people because we all are aware that social networking sites eat a huge chunk of your time), and the rest promised to reply before the date I suggested- by 20th July (Sunday).  

I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself, "You got this, Jun, now start working on the outline of the video." 

Thing is, I'm the least technology-savvy person you'll ever come across. My first touch of the computer was when I was 11 or so. My first phone landed in my hands when I was 18. I dreaded IT lessons in primary school because gosh, I didn't think I could be any worse in anything. Truth is, I wasn't that bad, just an irrational fear. But I would be glad to not have to come in contact with it too often. 

Fortunately I quickly learnt that making a video isn't that challenging, but it requires so much of your time (again for my case perhaps).

Everyday for the past two weeks before his birthday arrived, my daily routine looked like this:

  1. Morning exercise (got to start off the day like this knowing I'd have to sit for hours later!)
  2. Breakfast
  3. Work on card and video
  4. Lunch
  5. Work on card and video
  6. Nap (or not)
  7. Work on card and video
  8. Evening walk (take a break from all that radiation and also if my butt hurts from all that sitting)
  9. Dinner
  10. Work on card and video
  11. Bed time

Windows Movie Maker being a total pain constantly crashed and I had to save the video every 3 seconds (not kidding). Nearly drove me nuts. But at the same time I shan't complain because without it I wouldn't be able to come up with this video. 

So every night for two weeks I survived on very minimal sleep in order to make the videos and check up on the messages from his friends. Till today I am beyond grateful for his friends (and a couple of them our mutual friends yay) for their kind understanding and cooperation given. Some commented on how what I was doing is really sweet and it motivated me to do the best I can for him. I also discovered how well-loved he is, and felt extremely delighted for my boy- for he is such a deserving person. It's impossible to have crossed the 'surprise-birthday-card-and-video' finishing line without the help from his friends, and even if they never will read this blog post, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please accept this love from me to you. Open-mouthed smile

Onto the card, I have never done so much cutting and pasting my entire life. Accumulated throughout my 19 years (all that art classes haha) maybe- but not at a go. And my hand was screaming for me to lay off the project. I used up three glues and close to 100 pieces of colour papers in the process of making these cards. I don't even know if I can call them cards anymore 'cause they really were more like scrapbooks! 

But here's the thing. I loved making these. It's an awful load of work, but just picturing his smile kept me going the whole time. It's like no amount of prizes come close to that ecstatic smile on his face- I think of that image, and I find myself picking up on my pace once again.

I could stare at that smile all day, all life. Smile In Genting when we took the picture, Yan Jie teased me on my lack of consistency in the focus of my eyesight whenever he tilts the phone- as you can see, I didn't know where to look into. 

Because every individual is different- and some may send their videos/ messages via whatsapp or emails... I had to be very sure not to leave out any of it because gosh, that'd be rude! 

I thought I had everyone's covered, until I saw a message that I accidentally and foolishly missed out on. I sent a personal message to the guy and apologised to him. I made sure to convey his message to Yan Jie right away when I noticed it! 

The final night before his birthday was stressful. I wanted Yan Jie to wake up to the video so I decided to post it after 12 midnight and before going to bed. To my horror, I came to realise the file was too big that I spent a great deal of time editing and shortening it. I couldn't bear to leave out any more parts so I had to compress it. But even that prevented me from uploading it on Facebook.

It was the last and most crucial step- at that point I just wanted to upload the video on Facebook and get my sleep. I was worried. And panicking. And losing nerves. 

At last fatigue overtook me and left me feeling beat on the couch. It was 3.30 midnight by then. I told my brother, Ken, about my problem and he agreed to help me with it. I laid on the couch and mumbled (too tired to construct a proper sentence!) for him to wake me up as soon as he manages to solve it.
That was the last thing I remember before I dozed off. 

The next morning when I woke up, Ken informed me that he has successfully upload the video to YouTube.

Thank god but really, thank you brother!!! My life saver.

It was down to me to complete the remaining touches. I had written a long message the night before but my laptop swallowed it. Hence I had to rewrite the entire wish for him and share the link to Facebook. 

It was mildly difficult to think early in the morning because my head was still pounding from the serious sleep deprivation. But how hard can it be to write a word or two for you loved ones? Smile I clicked onto 'post'- and saw the video and wish appear on his Facebook wall- and breathed a huge sigh of relief.


You may click onto this link to watch the video.

I proceeded to shower and greet the birthday boy! 

I was flying high to see him! Yan  Jie revealed that we didn't see each other for 22 days or so. I dove into his arms- and as I tilted my head slightly to gaze into his dazzling eyes, I melted inside. Smile I have missed him heaps!

I presented him with the cards and asked if he had seen the video. He nodded and told me that he didn't know whether to laugh or cry watching it because of how the content was laid out. I laughed. I sincerely hope he liked the surprises!

Right: wishes from his friends and relatives;
Left: personal one from me. 

Thank you Ken for the pictures!

We had plans to attend his favourite singer/ idol/ goddess's concert in Genting Highlands. Those who know him well would be aware of his love for Jess Lee. I think he'd marry her if he could. Smile with tongue out And listen to her sing all day long. Haha, that was me trying too hard to explain how deep his love for Jess Lee runs. Winking smile 

We hung out at my house for a little while before making a move to his Aunt's house, which was such a lovely house I must add. 

Only his Uncle was at home, so we quietly took pictures in the living room while waiting for one of his cousin to join us and another to come home.

At the garden. What a comely neighbourhood Setia Eco Park was! Smile

Nooo, not ready. 

Ah... much better.

His Uncle kindly drove the both of us to Genting Highland, along with his cousins. 

His elder cousin, Zhi Xian, a clever and witty lad, is technically a 95', studied in Taylor's College as well- yet I have never once met him (Not surprising there- I will tell you why- Yan Jie was in my Thinking Skills class and never have I seen that guy before. Gosh what does my eyesight focus on?! I question myself as well. Smile with tongue out) Zhi Xian has such a captivating smile, I was instantly drawn to his amiability as well.

His younger cousin, Zhen Hang, at the age of 11, is such a charming boy and our main source of joy throughout my time spent with them. I remember telling Yan Jie he'd be a heartthrob when he grows up, this one. Winking smile 

Half way up there at around 4 in the evening, we stopped at a Chinese restaurant for dinner (part #1).

That was a ream of food for five. I believe at least half of it was left untouched. Surprised smile Still, thank you Uncle for the meal. Smile

I wasn't feeling particularly hungry so I had only a bit of Vermicelli noodles to give the enzymes in my stomach something to break down.

I took a walk pre and post dinner to soak up some fresh air at the hill. It was a much needed short getaway verily!

We knew we were getting closer as soon as we spotted these posters along the road!

Jess Lee & Jimmy Lin Live in Genting's poster

It wasn't solely a Jess Lee concert, Jimmy Lin (more commonly known as 小胖) was another performer of the night. 

While we had hit traffic about 30 minutes into our journey, we managed to reach our destination safely, major thank you to Yan Jie's Uncle. Smile

Zhen Hang took this selfie as we were collecting tickets at the counter once we arrived in Genting. He was introduced about this selfie thing recently that time and was more than eager to take charge. Too cute, this cheeky one. Smile with tongue out

Since we had about two hours to spare before the concert started, we broke into two group and strolled around. 

I loved having Yan Jie bring me around, something as simple as holding his hand and walking in malls are considered luxurious to both of us due to: 1) our nature as students 2) distance. 

We talked plenty, fooled around, teased each other and mostly had a good glimpse of how Genting looked like (Well, the last time I set foot in Genting was when I was 8 or 9 at most!).

We agreed to meet up at Baskin Robins 45 minutes before the concert begins to have dinner (part #2). There, Zhen Hang gave me a scare when he pretended to stamp onto a bag of chips. I was the only one who  fell for the trick. From there I had concluded that Zhen Hang is a potential actor and that I trust people too easily. Smile with tongue out

The boys had some finger food at Marry Brown's. I didn't snap any pictures there... I scantly recall some burgers and fries involved? Anyway Uncle and I both skipped it because we were on team #saynotofastfood. Winking smile I kid, that was probably just me. 

Before we made way to the venue where the concert was held, we bumped into Jess Lee's parents! No kid! I haven't the foggiest idea how Yan Jie recognised even her parents. Yan Jie was exultant but shy to approach them so Zhi Xian chased after them (haha, seriously) and lo behold, it's them to be sure! My, my, Yan Jie undeniably know his idol well.

How could we pass on a chance to take a picture together? Winking smile

Then into Genting Convention Centre we went!

These were distributed by hardcore members of Jess Lee's Fan Club, in it were plastic thingy (sorry I have no idea what it's called) ready to be inflated.

This little one made sure to leave plenty of selfies in my camera roll.

As the lighting dimmed as an indication of the singers appearing, we got more upbeat and thrilled.

Instruments started playing, the crowd started cheering, the lights started shooting its colourful rays.

The moment we have all been waiting for....


Jimmy Lin kick started the night with the song 'I will always love you'. Superb performance.

I remember the boys laughing over how Jimmy Lin's eyes 'disappear' as he got downright consumed in the song. Smile with tongue out

The crowd grew wilder as Jess Lee took over the stage.

I believe this part was when Jess Lee commented on how she's chubby and Jimmy Lin shot back, "You fat?! How are you fat?!" I adore how cute Jess Lee looks when she was grinning that way!

The below segment was extracted from one of Yan Jie's post on Facebook, primarily because it admittedly saves me from all the trouble to search for the song titles. Open-mouthed smile Here you go: 


I will always love you
I'm not a star
Saving all my love for you
My love will go on


Someone like you (duet)
Reflection (duet)
收藏/。。/你不知道的事/不能说的秘密/学不会 (组曲)
分隔线/大火 (组曲)
海阔天空 (by Beyond)
勇敢/gemilang/listen (组曲)
你最珍贵 (duet)

Let it Go (duet)

I markedly relished in listening to Jess Lee's songs not only because I was comparatively more familiar with them, but also due to personal preference. Smile

All in all, it's no if's and but's that both singers sang impressively and their impeccable and refined singing took our breaths away (and made the terminal hair on my skin stand!).

I had recorded videos of a few pieces of songs by Jess Lee requested precisely by my dear. The boys- Yan Jie and Zhi Xian were notably immersed in their performances and completely blown away by Jess Lee's supreme vocal. The reason I didn't comment about Zhen Hang was because he fell asleep on Zhi Xian's lap for the second half of the concert. Smile with tongue out

I am still in disbelief that the little boy didn't stir once- not even when Jess Lee lifted up her voice or hit an outstandingly high note. It's although, genuinely solacing to watch how children sleep steadfastly and solidly- just like that. Smile

This reminds me that Yan Jie has mentioned to me how his Lee family members are known for their abilities to sleep through sounds and noises. Heavy sleepers, these people are. How jealous I am of them! Smile with tongue out

The night ended on a beautiful note (literally), with Yan Jie still drunken in the lovely and engaging melodies and on cloud nine that he got to shake Jess Lee's hand. Open-mouthed smile

Trust me when I say he only had eyes for her that night. Smile with tongue out Don't get me wrong, I was authentically elated for him.

Back in the car on our way home, I was tuckered out. As much as I was feeling contented on the inside, that night left me feeling unquestionably narcoleptic. Again, thank you Uncle for the trip back. I couldn't apprehend how the boys could stay awake throughout the journey back. But I suppose that's what adrenaline rushes do to you.

Each time I was shaken awake I would turn to look at Yan Jie if he was asleep. But what I got in return was his dreamy smile, his warm fingers gently touching my hand, and in his most soothing, comforting voice saying, "Get some rest, Wei Jun. Just close your eyes and sleep." Smile My heart was gravely going to explode of delectation from all that tenderness and affection showered by my beloved.  Red heart

I reached home to the guest room with the air conditioner switched on and a towel laid on the bed. It wasn't difficult to figure who had prepared that. Although I instantly turned off the air conditioner because I am used to sleeping without it and also I had brought along my own towel, I was secretly touched by Yan Jie's Aunt's thoughtfulness. Bless her heart. Smile

The next morning, Yan Jie came into the room and I was beyond doubt surprised to see him. Reason being, more often than not, I would wake up earlier than he does, but Yan Jie sweetly and considerately set his alarm to rise early as he had intended to bring me 'tour' the neighbourhood. What a gem, this guy. Smile

I loved the morning walk. The park was colossal, and the greens along the path we walked on made me feel refreshed and rejuvenated at once. Birds were chirping and there were butterflies to be seen. It was a harmonious, tranquil and peaceful morning. I enjoyed breathing in the fresh air and soaking up as much Nature goodness alongside my favourite person. Smile

I didn't bring my phone along with me hence no pictures of the pleasing neighbourhood, with houses so exquisite and grand-looking, luring me to take a step nearer to them to get a closer look of the fine details. I pointed out to Yan Jie how the houses of English cottage themes/ concepts appealed to me distinctly.

We hung out where the ducks were found, we chatted, teased each other (cannot leave this part out), laughed and simply lived. When I'm with Yan Jie, I feel truly, sincerely happy. He makes me feel so special and loved. Red heart

Then Yan Jie's cousin brothers and sister and Aunt came join us, the boys in their bikes and in their hands were packets of bread ready to be fed to the ducks and fishes and tortoises in the lake. I wish you could try that- at least once in your life time- because it's a unique experience that would make you feel at peace with yourself and with life- it's wonderful, for real. Dates with Mother Nature are assuredly the best kind of dates!

I loved seeing how the cousins interact with each other. So loving, so heart-warming. Smile We had such a great time feeding the animals, it was hard to say goodbye when it was time to leave.

We returned to his Aunt's house, where Yan Jie and his cousins played Monopoly where else I read the newspaper in the living room.

I also got to meet another one of his cousin, Zhen Heng, at the garden, who just came back from playing basketball and nicely invited me into the house. I didn't manage to get a picture of him, but he seemed earnestly mature for his age and a decent guy alright. Smile

In my eyes, Yan Jie and his relatives are all extraordinary in characteristics and admirably talented. Smile

The apple slices his aunt kindly prepared for me. How cute were the little animal sticks! 

Good time flies indeed. The clock was ticking close to noon and it was time to go home. I was, and still am, gratified for Yan Jie's relatives' marvelous hospitality, making my two days one night stay in their house such a splendid experience. I enjoyed myself mingling with his relatives and look forward to more chances like these in the future. 

Together, Yan Jie and I spent some quality time together at my house, where I gave him his birthday present (I made sure to ask him beforehand because I wanted it to be a gift he accurately desires) and also read through the two birthday cards I made for him. I giggled while he laughed out loud. I gathered he enjoyed reading the cards, which made me smile real wide. Smile Once again, thank you to those who contributed! 

To cap it all off, I was indubitably over the moon to be a part of such a significant event in Yan Jie's life. Red heart

With that, I conclude Yan Jie's 19th birthday celebration's post.

Dear Yan Jie, 

You are intelligent, organised, independent and amazing in everything you do. I love that we share similar views on our relationship and that we care for each other enough to not let go despite the circumstances. I have witnessed how our relationship has strengthened incredibly much over the past few months- and I positively have you to thank for. Your trustworthiness, authenticity, devotion and energy in making this relationship work makes me love you more than ever. You have stood by me through thick's and thin's; joys and sorrows, and with that I promise to do the same for you- because I love you so, so much.

Yours sincerely,

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