Sunday, 24 August 2014

August lately (part 1)

I haven't been posting for a while, but if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, then I figure you'd have gotten a gist of what I've been caught up with. Smile

Either way, I have lots to share with you!

Some of the most recent events were:

7 August (Thursday)

My friends and I made a trip to Tar College.

I was down with a nasty flu after returning from Penang (4th August) and for two consecutive days didn't felt myself at all. The horrible haze worsened my condition- in reality, it made me miss the fresh air tremendously. Sad smile

I was aware that a runny nose and a throbbing headache probably wouldn't do me good out in that unpleasant weather but I was also veritably clear of how I needed to go out there, talk to people other than my family, and just mingle, laugh, chat and have fun.

So I did. And man, was I jovial that I did.

A few of us were supposed to gather at Han Qin's house by 8 a.m. but I overslept. Rarely happens I promise! I think all that 6-7 early rising during the trip took a toll on my body hahaha. Smile with tongue out I hopped out of bed and dashed downstairs to find myself awake at 7.50 that morning. Surprised smile

The fact that I was running late made me peevish. You see, I dislike rushing (who does?) and I hate the idea of letting others wait for me. Disappointed smile So I get anxious and often push myself to the dot. This creates a tension in the atmosphere of the people around me and I'm not fond of such negativity that I bring about.

I was half amused and half disgruntled when I discovered that I wasn't the last to reach- Wen Qi has yet to arrive. I instantly told myself to relax, calm down and just chill. (If my mum were there she would say, "See? This is why, my dear, you need not be so hard on yourself." Smile) Okay, mum, your daughter shall learn to be more composed.

The moment I saw my friends a rush of adrenaline seemed to flood my body. I was jumping, laughing, and chatty the whole time.

Chin Siang pointed out, "Whoa, there's no missing how you're notably hyper today." 

Oh, no, not a chance. Open-mouthed smile

We set out to Kelana Jaya, and boarded the LRT from there.

The three musketeers hehe.

Chin Siang acting cool, or merely miserable. Who wants to guess? I promised we didn't make him mad. Smile with tongue out

In the LRT, Chin Siang pointed out to me that he couldn't find a picture of the both of us in my blog.

Thoroughly amused and surprised, my eyes opened wide. "Whoa, you read my blog?!"

"Yeah, and everyone else in our usual group made an appearance- except for me!" Chin Siang and his puppy like eyes looking so cast down that I laughed. Smile with tongue out

Thus, begun the mission. Here are some of the pictures at the most random places ever that I had captured with Chin Siang.

In the LRT, with my awesome friend for 3 years plus and counting! Open-mouthed smile

About 10 or so, we finally arrived at our destination.

We met up with Jeanne in Tar College, and her impressive persuading skills managed to convince her Chemistry lecturer into allowing us to sit in and observe the lecture.

Throughout the lectures I kept thinking, 'Ah, Chemistry, I am unmistakably glad our relationship has come to an end.' Smile with tongue out

Darling Jeanne giving me the death stare. Devil

Yeah right, she wouldn't! Winking smile  In reality, we truly are good friends and we love each other!

Seeeeeeeeeeeeee? Rolling on the floor laughing

She's such a gem, this one.

Pretty, sweet, demure Wen Qi. Sorry already taken <--- kidding!! On a second thought, I'm not too sure myself... Smile with tongue out


Let me tell you what happened here. Chin Siang was walking along the corridors and I swiftly passed my phone to Eik Ren and skidded up to Chin Siang, calling out, "Quick! Picture!"

Here I was saying, "Nah, this place! Come, pose peace sign with me!"


We bumped into Won Min (far right in blue).

Cutie pie Suezen (in orange and her signature peace sign haha) came and meet up with us as well!

We had brunch at Pappa Rich located inside campus, where I had slices of toast. Tasted awful to me Eye rolling smile- I prefer a denser, chewier texture when it comes to bread! Oh, not forgetting to thank Suezen for sharing one of her soft-boiled eggs with me! Smile

Suezen had to leave us for lecture but we made plans to meet up later.

We visited the classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, library, sports complex, field and the basketball courts. I was genuinely surprised to find such complete facilities, and pleased in the sense that the students in Tar College have the opportunity to make use of them.

We caught the bus around 3.45 p.m. and went to check out Jeanne's room in an apartment. We hung out a while then took a last look at the park and swimming pool.

Chin Siang hanging tight! (Hint: look at his shoes! Looking strong. Chin Siang!!)

Leland, we can't see you!


Oh hi there!

We finally left around 5 in the evening, but ended up only reaching home at 7 plus no thanks to the jam! However I was thankful that we all arrived home safely. The responsibility to drive your friends and yourself around especially in unfamiliar areas and not-so-desirable traffic hours is challenging to me and I am grateful that Han Qin was incredibly steady with what he did.

Thank you Jeanne and Suezen for touring us around, Han Qin for fetching us back and forth and of course Chin Siang for giving me a ride home! And the group in general for being such great company. Smile

I wanted to continue because August has been rather happening but this blog post is getting so long so I'll see you next post!

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