Wednesday, 2 July 2014


This morning I woke up at 6. I had to do a TB test in KL and my dad offered to fetch me. 

I reached Gleneagles Hospital earlier than was scheduled (my appointment was 9 and I was at the hospital at 8.15 because my Dad had to go to work after he dropped me), nevertheless, I took the opportunity to walk and look around before returning to the Healthcare Screening Centre. 

The process of the check up and X-ray took a surprisingly short time. The staffs were efficient, the doctor friendly and I was done within 30 minutes. Since we were required to take off our tops and put on a patient robe when doing the X-ray, I must come clean- I totally fumbled with it despite the steps being pasted on the wall. I really think buttons would be easier to deal with than randomly sewed strings on the patient robe, but I did the best I could. Or so I thought. :P

The students whom were waiting in the centre were accompanied by a parents of theirs, instead of feeling sad that I didn't have company like I would have felt years ago, I was actually kind of proud of myself because I'm witnessing myself slowly yet steadily learning how to be independent and take charge of my life.

Since my parents were both at work, my only resort of returning home was to board the LRT. It was my first time doing so, and I was terrified. Not because I had to board the LRT, but because I haven't had the foggiest idea how to get to LRT station. I stood in front of Great Eastern Mall and see... a lot of uncertainty in front of me- literally. I asked for directions and the ladies instructed me to take the bus in order to get there. My parents, on the other hand, had told me earlier that it was only of walking distance and would take only a short while to reach the station.

I ended up walking 45 minutes (that's the minimum estimation I assure you) to reach the LRT station. I'm not going to lie, throughout my walk, I was SO. FREAKING. AFRAID. The motorcycles and cars whooshing by scared and frightened me more than anything else I can think of. My parents, had warned me about the notoriously frequent cases of snatch theft and about how to make safety my priority at all times (oh the irony because guess who insisted for me to walk haha. But I'll get to that later). The handbag I was holding with me was given to me by my mother as my 18th birthday present, plus all the important documents I had in my bag... I couldn't bear the thought of losing it. :( 

I felt my heart sank deeper and my throat narrowing with every minute passing by as I still couldn't spot my destination. My legs felt like noodles not because my muscles were tired- I attribute this to my daily habit of walking at least 30 minutes a day which got even more strengthened during my A levels exams period because I didn't want to run because it would wear me out- walking on the other hand is slightly gentler on the body and it allows me to spill my feelings with my mum if I were walking with her. Anyway, I felt my whole body getting weaker because fear and tension were sneakily eating up my energy.

I had to ask a couple more people along the way to make sure I was walking in the correct direction, and I know that they probably will never read my blog, but I just wanna say how grateful I was for their kindness in guiding me. The people whom I approached happen to converse in different languages- which made me realise what a great thing it is to be able to converse and understand Malay, Mandarin and English. I made sure to give them a bow (yes I was that thankful haha) and thanked them before I continued.

I was sweating profusely the moment I reached the LRT station, but boy, the intense relief and mollification I felt was indescribable.

Hui Ching's father wanted to offer me a ride home when they were done, but when I saw the text I was already in the LRT by then.

A very lovely girl, Jessica, who's currently working as a wellness coach had strike up a conversation with me at the station, and together we chatted plenty. She willingly shared with me her experiences studying abroad, I truly enjoyed our talk. I hardly know her but her amiability and bonhomie warmed me up to her within minutes. She added me on FB on the spot and we exchanged numbers- she's definitely a friend I want to keep in touch with in a long, long time. :) She got down a stop before me, and I made sure to tell her how appreciative I am of her geniality. :)

Later when I checked my phone, only did I realise my mum had missed call and messaged me. I could tell she was worried, so I hurriedly assure her that I'm fine.

(Is my mum cute or what?!) :P

She panicked because she so happened to receive a whatsapp message from her friend regarding a snatch theft in KL. How blessed are we children to have parents who care so much for us. :)

Here's the thing, there were two stations in KL, the one within walking distance- claimed by my mum was actually opposite Great Eastern Mall but I figured the people whom I obtained directions from weren't aware of it and actually guided me to another station- which was so much further from where I was at that time.

         Today I am happy:
1. to be alive. 
2. to have one thing crossed off my road-to-uni list. :D Big thank you to Hui Ching for scheduling the appointment for me.

Back home, I spent the afternoon taking a nap, snacking on fruits and eggs,

watching an episode of Criminal Minds, doing more research on university matter, and adding more things to my to-do-list. In the evening, I took advantage of the splendid weather and took a walk in the neighbourhood. 

During dinner, Dad suggested making a trip to Singapore to visit Sean one of these weekends (whoop!)- it's yet to be confirmed but I'm excited already! He's currently sitting for his test, and I was thinking of him, so here you go.

I can feel myself dozing off. Sleep is calling my name. Taking a shower before popping in bed!

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