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More than just theme parks and water sports.

Hey all!

Did you miss me? Smile I sure missed talking to you!

In a blink of an eye (cliche saying but it does expresses my sentiments), half a year has whizzed by, and we now welcome Summer with open (and some, not so open Winking smile) arms. For me, the mixed feeling is definitely gushing through my body strong! 

Since beginning of this year, due to the necessary preparation for my finals in May, I hadn't been spending a lot of time with my friends neither did I get to indulge myself in real fun hence when my friends suggested to go to Sunway Lagoon last Friday, I was all 'YES!'. Open-mouthed smile

A few of us had agreed to meet up at Han Qin's house, then pick up Jeanne and her brother, Wilfred, before setting out. 

Taken in Han Qin's beautiful house.

I absolutely fell in love with his house the moment I had set foot into it. I was the earliest to reach and Han Qin being a welcoming host, offered to bring me tour his house. 

I had taken a video of his house BUT because it concerns his privacy I will not be posting it here. Just know that its concept (to me at least) was amazingly refreshing, and I'd love to visit his house again in the future.

We reached Sunway Lagoon around 10 (its opening time!) in the morning. 

Here's the view from the counter of the main entrance.

And here's how the counter looked like! Pretty clear and empty I'd say, as we went on a weekday (Friday).

Clockwise from center: Yu En, Leland, Han Qin, Jeanne, Wilfred, yours truly 

We wasted a teeny weeny bit of time sorting out matters regarding the tickets, however fortunately all was settled finely in the end.

The waterfall that greeted us when we entered.

We made use of the maps- in both board and paper forms.

On the escalator going up. 

We made our ways to the locker room before anything. 

Stuffing Placing my bag into the locker.

The first park we headed towards was the Amusement Park. There, we boarded the Pirate's Revenge. I remember witnessing the 360-degree rotating of the pirate ship as I walked on the Canopy Walk and thought to myself, "Gosh, I'll never try that." And there I was that day, tucked at the corner of the ship. Smile with tongue out Never say never, right?

I won't lie, my heart was racing because the last time I sat, I was 10 years old- in a theme park in Gold Coast, and I had buried my head behind my brother's back the whole time (I insisted on the end seats- after that I considered lesson learnt).

But I was determined nothing was going to hold me back from all the fun and entertainment awaiting me that day. Besides, I had such courageous and adventurous friends by my side, what could go wrong? 

Squinty eyes because of the sun! 

The girls requested to sit in the middle, but were told that we had to sit at both ends (Gulps! My heart was somewhere at my throat upon hearing that) for better balancing of the machine.

It was certainly a hilarious scene. The 3 of us girls sat at one end, and the other 3 boys occupied the other end (I may have felt safe sandwiched between the girls but a huge part of me was secretly terrified!).

We heard screams and shrieks from the boys' end, but none were heard from our side. 

I burst into giggles when Yu En asked half way during our ride, "Can I hear a bit of noise from our end? Why isn't any of us screaming?" 

Truth is: We (the girls) weren't brave, we weren't calm, we were in fact, too afraid to let out even a whimper. Smile with tongue out

Our next stop was the Tea Cup in attempt to calm our nerves (I did not bring the map back home with me hence I can't recall the exact names for some rides/ games/ activities! And this was one of it). Well, not all of us had to take a breather. Han Qin, who declared the rides 'not-scary', clearly couldn't be clumped in the same category as the rest of us. Haha. 

While we were waiting for the tea cups to spin, I captured pictures! 

A blurry one because it started spinning!

Next to the tea cups was the ride Tomahawk! 

Poor Leland was feeling dizzy from too much spinning on the Tea Cup so we rested a while before moving on. 

Han Qin at the back checking out the map (grateful we had him to lead the group!) while I took a picture with Leland. Glad he was feeling and looking slightly better by then! 

I am aware that half my face looks silly in pictures but look at my friends' bright, cheery smiles! Had to include those faces! 

We eventually found ourselves on the roller coaster. 

Yu En and I partnered to board most of the rides and games. Look at that sweet smile of hers. Smile

As usual, Han Qin took the most front seat, and while the rest of us were frantically discussing and anticipating how ridiculously terrifying the ride may be, Han Qin simply... chilled. I was in awe, really. 

We actually dug the thrill so much so that we sat the second round! And also because there wasn't anyone else queuing. Weekdays ftw! 

After trying out the comparatively nauseating/ scream-factor rides, we turned to the more 'baby-like'/ relaxing ones.

Fun nonetheless!

Before entering the Scream Park, we went on the Wagon Wheel! <-- Just a fancy name for ferries wheel. Winking smile

We made our way to the Scream Park, where I had the opportunity to witness different sides of my friends (hahahaha). 

It was probably one of our first encounters of a queue and we jovially lined up. Whipped out my phone to get as many pictures as possible!

First take: Han Qin not looking at the camera because his focus was on a hot girl who passed by (Just kidding! I don't know what was on his mind Smile with tongue out).

Second take: Leland got too excited (blurry fingers Smile with tongue out). 

Third take's a success. Open-mouthed smile

Later I summoned the rest to join in.

Scream Park's concept, I suspect, was a walk through a haunted forest (?).

picture source

picture source

While I may have screamed occasionally throughout when I was startled, however frankly speaking, I wasn't as scared as I had imagined myself to be, probably because:

1) I didn't take the lead- Yu En did;

2) Its set up seriously wouldn't make one that petrified. Some of the 'ang-moh's' actually purposely made noises inside because they thought it was too humdrum, boring for them.

Being the photographer meant that I had to hold the phone still and maintain my position because of the background/ people to include. Hence it's noticeable that I kept my smile/ expression fairly similar throughout the pictures, but as you can see, my friends had a blast striking different poses. 

Our adrenaline rush was pumping high as we went to Extreme Park, where I deliberately left my phone in the locker. I would love to have the entire outing documented at the same time I wanted to avoid the hassle of it (more hands-on activities- hand phones brought along would most probably be inconvenient!) and also because the misery of losing/ slipping my phone would murder joy.

It was my very first time on an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and I credit most of my calmness and steadiness (albeit a little anxious!) from the practice I had in driving. Smile

I also had the chance to test my accuracy shooting archery! My, my, I learnt that Archery Target Shooting is not one of my shining strengths. Smile with tongue out

I've never tried Paintball Target Shooting, and as exciting as the name may sound to you (and me), it was a major let down, possibly due to my high expectations. 

The slightly sunken mood was quickly turned around as we reached the top to take on the Flying Fox

It was my second attempt (my first taste of it was at my Prefect's Camp in Pahang!). We soared across the water park, and all of us enjoyed it. Felt sorry and sad that Leland couldn't join us because he encountered an injury from riding the ATV. It looked rather severe to us but the First Aid staff took care of him and recently when I asked about it, he had reported it's looking better already. Thank goodness alright. Smile

Our stomachs were grumbling by the time we left Extreme Park. We stopped for lunch at Subway! 

While waiting (we took turns to queue), I snagged the opportunity to take pictures with my friends.

And a picture of my lunch, because I'm certain you're curious of how a sandwich looks like. Smile with tongue out

So as I mentioned, no pictures taken in both Extreme Park and Water Park, but man oh man, the Water Park was HEAPS OF FUN!

Vuvuzela was the bomb. It was painful having to climb countless steps but we all agreed the fun and thrill and excitement were worth every ache of our muscles (I believe my friends were fit enough not to feel that much soreness, but every inch of my quadriceps muscles screamed to me the next day).

No surprise we sat a total of 4 times of it!
The 6 of us screamed and shrieked and shouted as we were whooshed along the ride. Open-mouthed smile

The waterplexx in 5D was a brand new experience to me. Although I vividly recall how it was like when I went there the first time with my family. I gather I happened to be seated where the water was targeted at me. Not complaining though! Rolling on the floor laughing

We embarked on more slides, and splashed (and swallowed, in my case Smile with tongue out ) plenty of water as we took on the Congo Challenge. Ooh, what a blast we all had!

At the Surf Beach, we got to try out the Surf Stimulator- let's just say it's not a sport that I could show off my skills. Smile with tongue out I thought that the boys were stronger in this aspect, they recognisably showed us girls who was boss. Winking smile

Before leaving, we went onto the Suspension Bridge, as dear Jeanne was longing to experience it.

Before we knew it, 6 in the evening approached, indicating that our fun time was coming to an end, and we proceeded to the showers. 

Post shower, pictures time!

The amusing Ch'ng siblings and I. Notice my sweat beads!

Hello, Wilfred!

And friends!

Siblings love! Smile with tongue out

Now, you must have had enough of selfies- let the portraits take over.

Although it was his first time hanging out with the rest of us, Wilfred blended in the group seemingly because of his out-going and easy-going characteristics. Nice to have met you, Wilfred! I like that he seemed to never run out of poses because I can be unvaried when it comes to taking pictures. Smile with tongue out

Adorable Jeanne, whom I've known for 6 years+ and counting! We have shared many wonderful and funny memories back in high school, and I'm thankful for this bubbly, kind-hearted girl in my life. Smile

Tia (Yu En), my classmate for 2 years in my upper secondary school, and we remained classmates in Taylor's College. Even post graduation, we keep in touch with each other. Together with my college mates Yong Qi, Kaixin and the rest, we created many memories, and will be imprinted in my mind for a long time to come. Through the maintenance of our friendship, I learnt many things books cannot teach. 

We may have come from the same high school but I only got to know Leland better after our badminton sessions post high school graduation, and I'm glad we had the chance to foster this friendship, as he's a diverting and thoughtful person. Smile

And lastly, Han Qin, whom I'm incredibly gratified to have known. Our friendship started with a 'hello' from the over-enthusiastic me and a shy 'hi' reply from him in class, and from there it blossomed. Underneath that charming smile, he is a witty, intelligent guy who has a big heart and has been one of my most reliable listeners and one of my strongest pillar of supports. He's undeniably my closest friend and one amazing person. 

These friends whom I'm blessed to know are of different, unique personalities. Although we don't agree on everything, but along the years we have come to learn to deal with each other's quirkiness and oddity, as well as discover the many engaging, enchanting sides of each other. 

As I grow older, I learnt that any relationships, in this case, friendships, are not to be taken for granted, and that tolerance, respect and sincerity must play their parts in every relationship. I enjoy surrounding myself with these people, and I look forward to more trips and outings with them.   

We concluded our Sunway Lagoon outing with the widest grins and contented hearts.

Many thanks to Han Qin, who graciously drove us to our destination, allowing this outing to happen. 

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