Sunday, 27 July 2014

J + J

Note: 3/4th of this blog post has been drafted for weeks due to my occupancy in other recent matters. Actually thankful that I've written then because July has been such a happening month, so much so it'd take a while to recall and recap the events.

Only the most remarkable ones are imprinted in my mind till now, and one of the best days of 2014 so far happened to land on my anniversary with my beloved.

The title of the blog speaks it: Jie + Jun!

I'm excited to share with you the day(s) we celebrated our one fruitful year together as a couple. Smile Red heart

It had been more than 20 days since we last met each other, due to his obligation to attend camps as well as to take care of his grandmother (I'm touched by his filialness), however I was profusely thankful and overjoyed that he took the effort to come visit me to celebrate our anniversary on a Tuesday, July 8th. 

We made plans to go to Sunway Lagoon (indeed if you read my previous post- that's twice an outing to the same theme park within 5 days). It was a fine morning, and I remember getting prepared early (overly anxious but I couldn't contain my excitement) and ended up having quite some time to kill while waiting for him to arrive. I went out cycling, and as soon as I spotted Yan Jie standing beside his car outside my house, my eyes lit up. He looked absolutely terrific in his favourite green shirt. Open-mouthed smile

Off we went to Sunway Lagoon!

On the elevator with my sleepyhead. Smile with tongue out

Reason why I take longer than expected in the washroom: 

Winking smile

Our first ride was the Tea Cup, and I am SO glad I captured videos from that day, because it made me smile so wide watching it again.

Note that I didn't add any effects to these pictures below but somehow the screen of my phone camera was blurry so the pictures turned out like these. Thankfully the latter ones were clearer! 

Couldn't get his complete face in the first two pictures, then he leaned closer and there. Smile

I was telling him how proud I am that I didn't feel groggy the other day when I sat in it, and I think he wanted to show me the 'real' way to do it so he spun a lot. Smile with tongue out However, he did slow down and checked if I was okay after I showed signs of being off balanced. I love the way he cares for me. Smile

Next, we went on the suspension bridge. Both of us were sweating profusely by then (we have our inside joke on perspiration Smile with tongue out).

The scenery was mesmerising, especially when viewed with a special someone. 

We also hopped onto a couple of rides!

In the ferris wheel, excuse my messy hair.

Yan Jie's smile is amazing. Each time he flashes it at me draws me closer to him.

He encouraged me to switch poses so I struck a peace sign behind his head. Rolling on the floor laughing And then proceeded to smile like normal because I'm boring when it comes to posing. 

This was one of our favourite rides I believe: 

We both agreed the boots design was cute. And laughed heaps while riding it.  Open-mouthed smile

Scream park was next on the list!

My handsome boyfriend.

I went into it a few days ago back then with my friends but I still felt afraid in that someone would suddenly pop out and it would send me shrieking. Therefore I clung onto Yan Jie's hand tightly. The brave boy toughened himself up so that his girlfriend felt secured next to him.

He soon got hungry and we opted for Subway! 

Happy boy + his sandwich.

We proceeded to Extreme park, where we created wonderful memories challenging the flying fox, paintball target shooting, archery target shooting as well as the ATV.

No Katniss but I didn't shoot any living being so I consider that an achievement in my book. Smile with tongue out

We made it safely back from the ATV! Yan Jie was clearly steady riding on it and I felt safe trailing him from behind. Second time on it and I was comparatively more confident driving it.

Later in the locker, we changed into our swimsuits to get ready for Water Park! 

What a great time we had on Vuvuzela!

I enthusiastically asked Yan Jie if he would like to go on it the second time (because my friends and I loved it to the extend that we played a total of 4 times!), and ended up feeling awfully bad when he told me that the ride was dangerous to his high powered eye lens in some way because the thing was, I was aware of this problem (which was the reason why we skipped all roller coasters related/ alike rides) but didn't know that this ride in particular would expose him to the risk of his lens rupturing. Super relieved that he was alright. 

The float actually capsized once when we went down the slide. 6 times I sat with Yu En and it hadn't happened, hence I wasn't prepared for it and ended up swallowing gulps of water. Choking on water wasn't pleasing but nevertheless it was a fetch (so I'm British now Smile with tongue out) experience. 

We also spent some truly quality time at the tunnel. It happened to be considerably hollow and we appreciated the privacy and thoroughly relished in a precious chunk of quiet, stupendous time together.

Do you see where the waterfall falls down to? That was the spot we hung out. We let the cold, cooling water splash on us, gliding down our necks- pure sensation.

I was pleased to see Yan Jie taking joy at the Surf Beach, where there's man-made waves that sweetly put us to sleep. I kid, I kid. We simply sat there peacefully, while the water softly cued us to a state of relaxation.

After showering (boy did I took a while to dry my hair because it was absolutely soaked, thank you Yan Jie for being so patient waiting for me), we visited the Wildlife Park.

The last time I went with my friends, we all agreed that it'd be our optional park (meaning we would visit there provided we have ample time) as we were obviously hankering for the thrilling and stimulating rides and games.

This time, without playing or repeating certain rides, we managed to have some spare time before the theme park close, and I was ardent to have a look at the animals.

Spot the parrot!

If you're having a bad day, I hope this will cheer you up! Smile


Oh hi there little one. Smile

Check out the bright feathers of the peacocks!

We also said hello to bambi(s)! Open-mouthed smile

The birds were less entertaining to watch, but still made for lively pictures.

Highlight of the Wildlife Park was the tigers! Through the transparent window, we got a glimpse of how magnificent the fur looked like.

A nice couple helped us take this picture. Mr. Tiger at the back didn't look impressed. Smile with tongue out

Before we concluded our Sunway outing, we took one last stroll around it.

Thank you to the kind, beautiful girl who captured this picture for us. I love it. Smile

And thank you to the Indian guy near the exit who took this for us. Portraits are very much welcomed and adored when nearly all our pictures taken were selfies. Winking smile

Yan Jie wanted to let his brother have a sight on what Sunway Lagoon has to offer, so we took more pictures of the games and rides.

The day ended on a sweet note as we exchanged anniversary cards and listened to him describe his scholar mates one by one from a picture captured during the camp he took part. Smile He did an amazing job with the card and the present (which I have yet to unwrap- yes I am really stubborn like that Open-mouthed smile).

Recapping the day is truly surpassing. I cannot believe how close we've become after a year, and how far we've came after all that we've been through. Everyday I wake up feeling extremely grateful that we're a part of each other's life's. He catches me looking at him silently and he would wonder out loud why. I never really told him why, but the truth is, I look at him like that whenever I have the chance because I honestly can't believe he's real- I can't believe how blessed I am to have him. Someone who loves me the way he does- and who seems to hold the power and ability to pull every nerve, every tissue in my body to love him back even more as the day passes.

I do make it a point to remind myself, however, to not lose myself in a relationship. Because no matter how much you love your other half, always chase after your own dreams and stay true to yourself. Because at the end of the day, there's no one to lean on, to rely on, but yourself to pick yourself up, hold yourself together and move on in life. Because self-reliance is a powerful tool. Your well-being is a priority. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.

Some may argue that you are vulnerable when you're in a relationship. I remember reading somewhere that falling in love is in a way, giving someone the power to break your heart but trusting him/ her not to. I agree with it to a certain extend. Because although you should not live for someone else, the reality is: more often than not, that's a part of it- that's how you feel the butterflies, the excitement, the so-in-love-you-can-hardly-breathe, the magical, euphoric moments with him/ her.

To me, it's not always these powerful emotions that I'm seeking for. Yes, the rose or gift he gives me definitely brings smiles to my face- because who doesn't adore a lovely gesture or a delightful surprise?

Although what I also value, are the little things he does for me that makes me feel safe, loved and secured. How he would: stay up to talk to me when I have trouble falling asleep, shift his position to in front of me to block the sunlight from striking at my face, ring me up simply and ask how I'm doing, have heart-to-heart talks with me, listen to me as I discuss with him serious matters, gently assure me it's all going to be alright when I pull on the sad face when he has to leave, ask for my opinions before making decisions, send me messages to cheer me up or brighten my day or encourage me, make time to spend time with me despite how busy he is. To be fair, some of these may seem simple, or basic, but it takes work- it takes commitment- and you can only hang on for so long if you're not genuinely willing to do so.

I don't compare my relationship to other couples', because every relationship is unique in its own way. There's no guarantee as to what will happen to us in the next 2 or 3 years (heck even the next 2 or 3 months), but I am living for now. I am living in the present. I am living in the moment. And I don't like regrets. I just want to appreciate and cherish him for as long as I want to, and that to me, is enough. And sometimes, just all that I can do.

We are both learning, exploring, and growing up together. Watching our relationship flourishes as time passes has been an amazing journey. The gift is ours- and we are responsible for the quality of it. While we may be apart, there is a closeness that refuses to subside. It's the sharing of the inside jokes and private stories that no one else understands. It's the increasing awareness of each other's lives apart from the relationship. It's the strengthening of the connection between two people who truly wants to be together.

Love, cannot always be measured by how long you wait. It's about how well you understand why you are waiting.

Waiting, is a true sign of love and patience. Anyone can say 'I love you', but not everyone can wait and prove it's true.

Distance, in a way, motivates me to grab chances and even create them to show my love and concern to the people I care for.

I look forward to standing by him, and being there for him every up's and down's and in between's in the future. Happy (very) belated Anniversary, love. Smile





  1. Wei Jun my heart melted reading this. A truly meaningful post, full of love and care. I couldn't help but to nod while reading he last few paragraphs. Love all the sweet photos btw! Your face & his face were glowing & beaming with a smile that is so priceless. I wish you all the best in your relationship with Yan Jie. Keep up the good work I really love reading your blog! :)

    1. Sorry I only replied today! But Jia Qi, oh my, it's so wonderful to see this! I absolutely heart and cherish comments like these- you're one of our rare mutual friends and it's delightful to hear this :) Thank you for your kind support! Wishing you & Guan Ren the best as well! Pretty please put me on your wedding guests list ;)