Saturday, 28 June 2014

Weekends with the family.

I discovered some photos from the Langkawi trip in my camera roll that I hadn't post earlier, so here's a few to jump start the post.

Saturday, 28 June 2014 

The day started off beautifully. 

I had a great sleep, and woke up feeling psyched to get moving. My dad and I walked to the park, as my mum and Ken were out to the market. It was a funny twist, but it was the first time in forever since my mum wanted my brother to have the chance to drive. 

Dad gave me plenty of sound advice as we walk in the park, and I'm thankful that he would take the effort to educate and teach and guide me. He has been through so much and being able to learn by his side is definitely a blessing. 

We walked for many loops, I didn't even scrunch my hair up into a ponytail because the weather was pleasant. The light breeze gently brushed against my neck, leaving me feeling fairly comfortable. 

What a nice way to kick start the weekend. 

We reached home only to find mum and Ken at the dining table having breakfast, and I took a glance at the clock, and was shocked to realise that it pointed 9 a.m.!

I had agreed to play badminton with my friends at 9 this morning and my brother was delighted to tag along too. I had invited my brother because my friend, Eik Ren suggested it to me before. 

Eik Ren had messaged me to ask if I had waken up, which made me laugh a little because I was long awake. I had to ring him up and tell him we were running late.

After a few minutes to cool down, I hurried to wash up and change.

Then the fun part came. I've received my driving licence 2 years ago or so, but never actually drove regularly because my mum insisted to drive beside me and with exams on going throughout the years, she didn't want me to suffer from any traumatic experience which will affect my studies or what not (not kidding or being sarcastic, that was the reason behind it). My mum is precisely protective, I'm aware of that. But she means good. And now that I have completed my A levels and have fewer concerns bothering me, I took up the challenge to drive Ken and myself to the badminton court.

I surprised myself by being incredibly confident as well. I somehow felt safe and secured knowing that Ken was going to sit next by me. My brother didn't yell, didn't shriek, didn't chastise... Instead he kindly helped me look out for cars and pointed out the things I ought to be more careful of. In my case, it's the handling of the steering wheel. It takes tons of practice, so I'm just going to have to go out on the road more frequently and carefully from now on! 

My parents were not exactly okay with my decision to drive without the guidance of them. My dad stood firm about following behind my car, kind of like trailing me but guess what? They lost track of us and ended up taking a different path as we did. We met at the badminton court at the end and I smiled at them, assuring them that I will bring back both of their children and the car in a good condition. 

Badminton was great! I paired with my brother for the first round. Our opponents were Han Qin and Eik Ren! Cool combination! Ken and I definitely had this impeccable chemistry and of course because his skills and response were far better than mine. I have a lot to learn from my brother in so many different aspects. He patiently taught me how to perform smoother and more proficient as a team.

We played a couple more rounds (we switched partners and we also took turns). 

Our plan to Sunway Lagoon, has been confirmed. Super excited! But also undeniably having cold feet thinking about it because there would be a vast array of games and rides which involve my ultimate fear- heights. I can tell that I will be screaming quite a bit while I'm on the rides and coasters so I'm hoping already that I will still have my normal voice by the end of the day. And also to the people who will be riding with me, I apologise in advance. 

Back home (I almost scared the hell out of my brother and myself while doing a cornering but we are presently safe and sound), I was greeted by dad at the door. Glad to see him beaming at us. 

Curry was served for lunch which was delicious! I had extra helping as well- primarily the reason why I'm feeling sleepy right now I suppose, haha. 

When mum and Ken asked if I wanted to swing by USJ 19 mall, I immediately agreed. 

I even drove there! We had to send the charger of Ken's laptop for repair, and then Mum and I did a little shopping for clothing and headed home. We were supposed to reach home in a shorter time but somehow the lift was playing games with us so that ate plenty of our time. The lift urgently needed mending, for we were terribly close to getting stuck in it. Not fun at all. I had a mini heart attack.

When we arrived home, it was dinner time. I skipped dinner because my appetite was stolen. I watched a few episodes of Modern Family (which usually has a way of making me feel cheerier). Then I went on an hour long walk with my mum. I honestly didn't keep track of the time, Ken just pointed it out to us when we came home- he was curious and genuinely surprised what exactly was our conversation about that kept us walking for so long.

Later that night, I tried sleeping but couldn't. I decided to talk to Ken and my mum (my dad has already slept) while waiting for the fatigue to strike. 

Together, the three of us gathered at the living room, and had such a meaningful, pragmatic and purposeful conversation. It was undoubtedly one of the most eye-opening and fruitful talks I've partaken in a long time. I needed it. I'm especially grateful for my brother and my mum's wise words. 

That night I slept. Not very well, although. I woke up 5 times throughout my sleep- all because of the nightmares which I can't remember, and don't wish to.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

I woke up on this lovely Sunday, and my family had plans to go swimming! Yay! I absolutely love love loveeee exercise time spent with family. 

We competed swimming 4 laps. It feels wonderful to engage the muscles and push them beyond the usual speed when I swim leisurely. Gosh I loveeeee swimming. Seems like I didn't think I made my statement clear enough, haha.

Mr. Sun was nice to us this morning, and let us squeeze in a good number of laps, which made my day. Our stomachs were grumbling furiously by the time we got home, and we quickly made our way to breakfast in the garden.

After breakfast, we visited the Buddhist 'temple' (air bunnies used because it's not exactly a temple, more like a centre but then Buddhist centre sounds weird... or maybe it's just me) to attend a Dhamma talk- "Developing Positive Thoughts". The last time I went, it was with my parents and Yan Jie, this time it was with my parents and Ken. The speaker has always been sheer happy when he spots the presence of teenagers since the people who attend are usually elderly. Nothing wrong with that, just think of teenagers/ children/ youth as a splash of colour among the audience.

It was an uplifting and heartening talk. I am blessed to have the opportunity to listen to him share his knowledge.

Did I mention I also drove my family and I to the temple today? I've been notably elated and enthusiastic to drive nowadays.

After lunch, I gave Yan Jie a call because I found out he was sick through his messages. Broke my heart to hear him cough through the phone, initially I was dismayed and torn up when I sensed that he couldn't visit me in the near time (I've missed him!), but after realising the truth behind it I felt awful for him because I know how unpleasant and dolorous one would feel when being sick. Poor thing. :( He hasn't had the chance to properly rest. I am praying for a speedy recovery for him. May he regain his health soon. :)

Probably hitting the mall after Ken wakes up from his nap. Till then, stay healthy and happy everyone!

Shall wrap up this post with another few more pictures of my beloved family and I.

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