Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Weekend.

So it's Monday today, and I finally have the chance to unwind.

Yes you read correctly, I'm resting on a Monday- because I've been on my feet most of the time during the weekends and today's comparatively a more laid back day for me! 

Weekends were spent with the parents, my boyfriend and my friends, and both days were simply fruitful and rewarding. 

Early Saturday morning, my parents and I went out for a morning walk in the park. The sun was showing no mercy, and we were chatting non-stop so we got thirsty fast and decided to return home slightly earlier than usual. I always read the newspaper whilst waiting for myself to cool down. As Dad has put it, the newspaper is our household's 精神粮食 indeed.  And my mum plugged into the conversation, saying "秀才不出门,能知天下事。". All of these Mandarin proverbs truly brought back my memories of writing Chinese essays in elementary school. Fun days! 

After breakfast, we headed out to Mid Valley to attend a talk on value investing. I was the youngest attendant there, and the oldest happened to be 70+ at most I believe, which to be honest  is nothing to shout out about but only to give you an idea of the age range of the audience. Oh wait, unless you count the 3 and a half-year-old toddler than yeah. It was conducted by a Singaporean, Ken Chee, who happened to manage today's talk by himself (usually done by his staffs) because he claimed his wife misses home very much (he is married to a Malaysian wife). 

It was insightful and definitely different, the first time I've raised my hand so many times in a talk. This is because the speaker was always asking questions like "If you think it's cool please raise your hand."; or "Who thinks what I said is awesome please raise your hand."

Initially I responded quite well because I was seating at the second row which made myself rather obvious to the speaker; and also because I understand that speakers love to see response from audiences, and lastly because the 25-year-old spectacle-wearing, repeats-every-word-the-speaker-uttered, on-the-edge-of-his-chair, super-responsive guy next to me was so earnest and titillated I felt fairly coerced to do so.

But later towards the end I found myself slowly wanting to roll into a ball and hibernate till end of 'winter'. The room was unbearably cold and I wondered why a room of about 60 people would require 3-4 full blasted air conditioners most likely to be on high and 16 degree Celsius. Didn't help that I was wearing a sleeveless top and didn't have any solid food in my stomach (just a cup of black sesame soy milk in the morning). Thank goodness it wasn't such a formal event to the extend that we weren't allowed stand up and move around so I ended up standing at the back of the audience (where the degree of coldness while not significantly reduced but to a certain tier was warmer), rubbing my hands every 5 seconds. 

It was a great talk though, while I didn't particularly enjoy the testimonials shared (my parents agreed that the part was too time-consuming), I have gained many new perspicacity and acumen throughout the rest of the talk. Primarily because the speaker was easy to listen to. His loud and bold voice alongside his pretty exaggerated face expressions and hand gestures captured the audience's attention. 

After the talk which lasted about 3 hours, we went back home for lunch. I cut back on the portion despite being considerably hungry because my next agenda of the day was playing badminton with the lads! 

We rushed to the court, only to find out that the boys were 30 minutes late. Chin Siang arrived much earlier than I did, and the poor boy had sweat beads trickling down his naturally fair face. The boys did arrive safely, at least, and then we got started. And I laughed. So. Much. My stomach hurts from all the laughing. The boys were just plain hilarious. So funny. Don't you love hanging out with people who can make you laugh whole heartedly, letting you forget about all your troubles for a while? 

Han Qin did look a little disturbed throughout the game which concerned me but I decided that he needed time to clear his mind. I sent a message to him the next morning and he assured me things are settled. Great to hear! I had the chance to partner Chin Siang then Eik Ren, both boys who let me 'do my thing' and are enjoyable to play with. 

After the game, Chin Siang sent me home. Kind of cool, if you ask me! So far I've hitched a ride on Han Qin and Eik Ren's cars but not Chin Siang's! He lives in Putra Heights as well which makes fetching me home not a colossal trouble. Grateful for his offer. 

Then I reached home to find my boyfriend, Yan Jie, sitting in the living room with a book in his hand. He was wearing his favourite green T-shirt! Swoon. Beamed as soon as I met his eyes. I sat down to talk to him for a while, and despite meeting him just a day before (Friday), I was delighted and pleased to see him. 

I managed to persuade him into taking a nap (because whenever he travels to my house it's quite a distance and I know it's good that he has some rest!) while I popped into the shower. 

We had dinner and went out to Ara Damansara to attend the talk (my second investment talk of the day woohoo!). Dad and mum were clearly engrossed in the talk, and Yan Jie seemed to be entranced as well as I peered at him, he was listen attentively. 认真的男人最有魅力 hahaha. On the other hand, I forgot to bring along my glasses (oh Jun when are you ever going to learn) so I ended up relying on my parents and Yan Jie to tell me some of the words on the projector. There were 1000+ audiences in the hall (and we were late so we were seated at the end of the hall). 

It was a great talk as well, and it was conducted primarily in Mandarin, and the flow and ideas were slightly different from the talk in the morning. Nevertheless, I find it educational. 

We went home after 3+ hours and I was so worn out that I could fall asleep immediately I reach home. But at the same time I was reminded that Yan Jie was next to me so I was extra excited and had to hang out with him a while before I reunite with my beloved bed. 

The next morning, a beautiful Sunday morning, we went to the clubhouse for a swim. Sweet, sweet exercise it was! Loved every minute of it. Perhaps it was the weather (albeit the sun shinning ungraciously), or my more relaxed mind this time- no longer had to think of what are the notes I memorised the day before, what theories or laws to apply, what facts to write- I just swam and swam and swam. Felt incredibly contented in the pool. 
Along with Yan Jie, we went to the Buddhist temple to attend a Dhamma talk. The speaker, brother Ngiau was thrilled to see teenagers (technically youths) and he was certainly speaking with much enthusiasm and richness in his voice. A lot of the valuable content which he had said really made me think and analyse deeper and I'm thankful for such an opportunity to listen to him speak. 

After that, we swung by Giant to pick up some groceries, and then hit the road home for lunch. I was in high spirits so I had extra helpings of the breaded chicken! Mmm. We rested at house for a while, and took off to Oasis Damansara because my parents wanted to look at the model displays of houses and apartments. I was glad to have Yan Jie spend his time with me, as I grabbed the chance to ask him a few questions on his favourite stuffs/ things/ events etc. Always pining to find out more things about him.

Back home, Yan Jie left. After waking up from my 15 minute nap my dad and I went to the clubhouse to play badminton. Wasn't tremendously keen about it, just didn't like the idea of bailing on a session we booked. 

After dinner, my mum and I went out for a walk leaving me all sweaty, but happy. That night reminded me how blessed I am to have my mum as my best listener and adviser. 

This morning started off with a walk in the neighbourhood by myself, and then I helped daddy with the sorting of his income tax matter, which I had given my word to him that I will lend him a hand given my 3 months break. 

Also spent the afternoon working on an article for my college's newspaper. Gratified for my friends' viewpoints and support. But Kingsoft writer couldn't function after a while so I couldn't finish it up. The deadline is 19th of June if not mistaken but there shouldn't be a problem because I will be handing it in to the editor latest by tomorrow! 

A friend of mine, Jeanne mentioned to me about something published in my high school's magazine which made my heart skipped.

Ian, my dear junior in my high school- SMK USJ 12 has approached me last year concerning the publishing of my message to my brother on his birthday last year. I was pleasantly taken aback and SO great-hearted that he wanted to feature our messages in the school's magazine. Major thank you and a bucket loads of appreciation to Ian Ng for your effort and for valuing our messages as much as we did.

OMG WEI JUN! Your birthday wish to your bro was sooooo touching and well written that I simply MUST have your permission to use it in the school magazine this year! Hmmm... I'll call the article "A Different Kind of Love" and put your entire message in quotes! Please please can I use it? Of course I'll credit the whole article to you and it's a downright crime that there is none of your work in the school magazine!

OMG IAN!!! You made my day!!! Are you serious? This is such an honour! I would love to! It would be the perfect birthday gift for my brother! Would you like my brother to add on some words? He could definitely do so! Thank you so so much! You're awesome!

7 September 2013 15:11
He can??? Oh yes please! It'll be awesome to have his response!

7 September 2013 17:09
Yes anytime. Regarding anything. He would love to give a word or two. Then u may pick any lines you wish to include, we are alright with it

Okieeees! Just send me what he has to say anytime! Thank youuu sooo much! Haha~~

It was an article entitled "a different kind of love" on a family's love- to narrow it down- siblings love between my brother and I, and reading it on FB (Jeanne kindly snapped it and posted it on FB) made me all emotional again.



Didn't cry though, just happy that we get to share with others about a genuine kind of love between siblings that keeps the family bonds strong and solid.

And also it's the first time I have eaten so much in two weeks today because I feel so ravenous today! 

Last but not least, Sean's coming home today! Going to greet him at the airport in the evening later! 

Movie at 8.30 with the friends tonight. Han Qin invited me just now. Debating if I should go because Sean would have so many stories to share tonight! But then Angelina Jolie... (Just kidding it's more of a battle between spending time with Sean or the bunch of awesome guys!) 


No longer heading out to the bank (mum had something on) nor to the cinema because I know Sean would want to see the three of us at the bus station to greet him. 

Have a great week ahead, everyone! 

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